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Active RFID Summit Europe 2006
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Co-located with Smart Labels Europe 2006

20 September 2006

London, UK

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Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda


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Active RFID in action

8:55 Wavetrend, UK Adrian Segens, Sales & Marketing Director
"The business case for active RFID"
  • The benefits of active RFID technology
  • Payback and return on investment (ROI) from active RFID implementations

9:20 Broekman Group, The Netherlands Joost Helwegen, General Manager
"The World's largest active real-time locating system at the port of Rotterdam"
  • Precisely tracking 40,000 vehicles at our automotive logistics terminal at the port of Rotterdam
  • Why did Broekman Group decide to roll out one of the largest active RFID sites in the world? How was this decision made? What are the experiences after several months?

9:40 Savi Technology/Lockheed Martin, UK Iain Bell, Sales Director
"Securing Trade Lanes and providing Total Asset Visibility for the Military"
  • Active RFID in use in civilian logistics and the military
  • The business case and paybacks

Active RFID over WiFi networks

10:00 Aeroscout, USA Andris Berzins, MD
"Leveraging Wi-Fi networks for Active RFID: case studies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare"
  • How Wi-Fi networks can be used not only for voice and data but also for location and asset tracking
  • AeroScout's solution for any environment - indoors, outdoors, even explosion-proof areas
  • Case studies of real deployments at Boeing, Bronson Hospital and other large customers

10:20 Cisco, USA Pradeep Gandhi, Director Business Development
"Cisco active RFID/RTLS overview"
  • Strategy
  • RTLS solution
  • Active RFID ecosystem - under construction
  • Active-passive convergence

10:40 Exhibition and networking break

Near Field Communication

11:20 Motorola Labs, Germany Andreas Schaller, Short Range Communications
"Motorola's RFID R&D Activities in Europe"
  • RFID in the world of Short Range RF Communication
  • RFID in the Consumer Electronic Supply Chain
  • RFID enabling Seamless Mobility Services
  • RFID Applications driving Printed Electronics

11:40 Philips Semiconductors, USA Mark Gillott, European Business Development Manager Supply Chain
"Near Field Communication - results from applications"
  • What is Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Applications of NFC in Asia and Europe
  • The future for NFC

Ultra Wide Band RFID

12:00 Ubisense, UK David Theriault, Director, Strategic Relations
"Real-time Location with Active RFID: Success and ROI in Logistics"
  • Automated process, shrinkage and processing insurance claims in Distribution Centers exact a heavy toll on logistics operators. They are under ever increasing pressure to deliver higher service and efficiency under competitive pressure and narrowing margins. Real-time Location (RTLS) technologies using conventional Active RFID or radio systems have been tantalizingly close for some time to providing significant returns but the technology has fallen short in most warehouse or factory environments.
  • The next generation of Active RFID using newly licensed Ultrawideband radio at above 6GHz has already swept aside these issues as the first sizeable rollouts take place in Europe this autumn. A case study is presented on how the new technology is changing the game in logistics and manufacturing.

12:20 Parco Merged Media Corp, USA Mr Bertrand A Dugal, President
"Ultraw Wide Band (UWB) RFID"
  • The benefits of UWB for tracking and locating
  • How the technology works and case studies

12:40 Lunch and networking break

Active RFID over WI - FI Networks ( continued )

14:00 Ekahau, Finland Antti Korhonen, CEO
"Real-Time People using the enterprise Wi-Fi network: technology and customer cases"
  • According to the Yankee Group 2005 Transatlantic Wireless Business Survey, enterprise-based Wi-Fi (802.11) networks will reach more than 80% penetration by 2008.
  • Wi-Fi creates a standard infrastructure for several mobile enterprise applications, including Voice, Data, AND RTLS (Real Time Location Systems)
  • This ELIMINATES the need of RFID type readers and proprietary RTLS infrastructure, as the existing WiFi access points will act as a “reader network”
  • Ekahau claims that WiFi based RTLS is a disruptive technology, that will eventually REPLACE legacy/proprietary Active RFID systems
  • Future 802.11 standards such as 802.11v, will be supporting location tracking tags and further boosting the WiFi RTLS growth
  • Today’s applications driving the enterprise WiFi RTLS market are Asset Tracking (to improve asset utilization), and for staff tracking (to improve safety and security, and employee productivity): cases to be presented.

Battery technologies

14:20 Power Paper, Israel Gidy Weisglass, Director European Sales, PowerID Division
"Case Study of Battery-Assisted, Passive Labels: PowerID Used by DHL Solutions in Large-Scale Pilot Project for Inventory and Pallet Tracking"
  • Introduction to PowerID Technology
  • How DHL Solutions utilized PowerID to track inventory and pallets where passive labels failed
  • DHL Solutions business case and ROI

14:40 Thin Battery Technologies, USA Leonard Allison, President
"Thin Flexible Batteries"
  • Construction, performance and intergration

15:00 Exibition and networking break

RFID and Sensors

15:20 Cranfield University, UK Dr Leon Terry, Head of Plant Science Laboratory
"Prospects for active RFID in the fresh produce industry"
  • Inadequacies of current fresh produce quality control
  • Examples of sensor solutions
  • Prospects for integrating sensors and/or smart packaging with RFID

15:40 KSW Microtec AG, USA Eitan Avni, Director, Business Development
"Sensor based RFID case study with a major US retailer"

16:00 Montalbano Technology, Italy Daniel Grosso, General Manager
"MultiTag Platform - a single chip platform for RFID sensors"
  • Logistic chain monitoring
  • Demonstration

16:30 Conference ends

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Europe's first major event focusing on Active RFID, Real Time Locating Systems and Active RFID with Wifi, UWB, NFC and Sensors! Miss it, miss out!