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Culture and career opportunities

Company Background

IDTechEx provides business to business events, market research and consulting in high growth technology areas. Founded in 1999, the company has never made a loss and has grown substantially year on year. It seeks to provide impartial analysis of the trends in these technology sectors.
In 2006 IDTechEx won the UK's most prestigious award for international trade. The company has bases in Germany, Japan, UK and USA.

Culture and values

Our staff values include ethical business practice and a strong respect for each other. The company operates on a relatively flat structure, allowing staff from all divisions to input ideas to the highest level. IDTechEx sells on quality before price in all its activities and it seeks long term mutuality of benefit with all stakeholders. IDTechEx believes in suitable staff training and maintains excellence in professional acumen in all our activities.
Our passionate staff are happy to make themselves available across time zones for clients. The company has regular social days and events with staff, and is environmentally conscious, conducting recycling and energy saving schemes - from car sharing to efficient equipment use. This all results in the company having exceptionally low numbers of staff turnaround.

International reach for the best expertise

IDTechEx has employed many staff internationally, supporting working visas where needed. Staff are from the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Poland, South Africa, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico, China and Japan, for example. This has allowed us to cherry pick the best skills internationally and gives the company a diverse portfolio of cultures and languages.

Career Opportunities

IDTechEx has three positions currently open. Please choose the links on the left for more details and how to apply.


Corinne Jennings
Corinne Jennings
Event Director
+44 (0)1223 812300

Forthcoming Events

Printed Electronics Europe 2015
28 - 29 Apr 2015
Berlin, Germany
Graphene LIVE! Europe 2015
28 - 29 Apr 2015
Berlin, Germany
3D Printing LIVE! Europe 2015
28 - 29 Apr 2015
Berlin, Germany