Future growth opportunities

IDTechEx analysts carry out extensive primary and secondary research to assess end user needs and gauge their feedback, develop product/technology roadmaps, and provide detailed market forecasts. IDTechEx will always justify its market forecasts, and clearly spell out and defend its assumption. IDTechEx will use its extensive existing knowledge, and will also leverage its key contacts with end users groups and suppliers to complete its assessment. IDTechEx forecast and market surveys will help to evaluate demand, and to adjust your investment levels and business plans. Read more..

Commercialization strategy

IDTechEx analysts and consultants will spend time learning about your business, technology, know-how, assets and future business capabilities and objectives. They will work with you to identify the best target markets matching your strategic business objectives, and will help you develop a viable plan for entering these markets. Our team is highly technical, and will be able to match your core competencies with the technical expertise and equipment set required for market participation. Our team works with start-ups and small companies as well as large corporations. Read more..

Product positioning and
competitive analysis

IDTechEx analysts will inspect your technology and business model. They will map the competitive landscape globally, identifying and profiling competitors with the same or rival solutions and technologies. IDTechEx analysts will identify existing and forecasts market needs and performance targets. They will work with you to benchmark your technology against existing and emerging competition, and to define possible unique selling points for your products aimed at different target markets. Our team will advise on the best target markets, and the best way to position your products. Read more..

Partnership and
customer development

IDTechEx analysts will identify key players and stakeholders required for establishing an ecosystem for commercializing your technologies, business ideas or existing products. IDTechEx will also help you find the most suitable partners, and will facilitate business conversations and form partnerships. The IDTechEx team is uniquely placed to do this given its extensive global relationships and insights. We will cut down your go-to-market time. Read more..

Technology scouting

IDTechEx analysts travel the world extensively, visiting conferences, tradeshows, research centres and companies. This enables our analysts to learn and interpret the lastest cutting-edge technological developments, and market trends. IDTechEx analysts will be able to help you scout the technology landscape, building up detailed technology roadmaps. IDTechEx will also be able to advise you on the latest market trends, and how they will present opportunities and risks for you. Read more..

Due diligence

The IDTechEx team will complete independent and unbiased company due diligence on your behalf, helping you make the right decisions and de-risk your investment. IDTechEx will help you identify and carefully select top acquisition targets that match your strategic objectives such as exposure to new markets and bringing a new complementary technology in-house. IDTechEx experts are highly technical, unbiased, and global experts in their chosen topics. Read more..

Product development

The IDTechEx team can help you create product concepts and prototypes. The IDTechEx team will bring together the ecosystem required for prototyping the product concept, will manage the entire process to ensure timely delivery, and will not retain any application idea. IDTechEx analysts have insights on technology readiness and capability, and will be able to translate ideas into tangible workable product concepts and specs. Our team will also select the appropriate technologies and suppliers for making it happen. This is for you if you wish to explore what products are possible using printed electronics, energy harvesting, RFID, etc Read more..

Strategy sessions and masterclasses

IDTechEx experts will create tailored sessions for your company, partners and clients. Our team will educate you about the latest technology and market developments, will brainstorm with you on product ideas and business questions, and will participate in and support your strategy discussions. This is a time- and cost-efficient for addressing your information and advice needs. Read more..