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Analysts & Consultants

Raghu Das

Raghu Das - CEO

+44 (0)1223 812300
Raghu Das MA (Cantab) is CEO of IDTechEx. He has a MA Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge University, where he studied physics. He has been closely involved with the development of printed electronics for ten years, carrying out consultancy in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East. He has lectured as an expert at over 300 events and conferences around the world and is author of several IDTechEx publications. He leads IDTechEx consulting effort and research programs. His analyses of the industry and market forecasts have been cited globally, in publications such as Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.
  • University of Cambridge, Masters Degree, Natural Sciences (Physics)
  • Has grown the company to a world-leading concern, making profits each year
  • Knowledge bridges technical and commercial domains, helping companies successfully exploit state-of-the-art technology
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Dr Peter Harrop

Dr Peter Harrop - Chairman

+44 (0)7850 258317
Dr Peter Harrop PhD, FIEE is Chairman of IDTechEx Ltd. He was previously Director of Technology of Plessey Capacitors Scotland and Chief Executive of Mars Electronics, a start-up he took to $260 million gross sales value with highly automated factories built in US and UK, without acquisitions. He was a board member of $1.5 bn Mars UK, a division of Mars Inc. Mars Electronics was sold for $500 million after he left, generating an excellent return.
He has been Chairman of 15 high tech companies over a period of years including turnrounds on behalf of venture capitalists such as Computer Security International. The largest was Pinacl plc in Wales, made profitable and grown to $100 million in fiber optic manufacture and multimillion dollar structural networks.
Peter lectures and consults internationally on electric vehicles, energy storage, RFID and printed/organic electronics. He writes a minimum of five openly published techno-marketing reports yearly at IDTechEx.
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Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh

Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh - Head of Consulting

+44 (0)1223 812300
Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh obtained his PhD and MPhil from the University College London and the University of Cambridge, respectively. At IDTechEx, Khasha advises major multi-billion dollar corporations around the globe on their growth and technology strategy in the field of emerging technologies. Khasha helps clients find growth opportunities, to position products, to find partners, and to develop go-to-market strategies. Khasha has specific technical expertise in graphene and carbon nanotubes, transistors, functional inks, photovoltaics, piezoelectric and piezoresistive materials, flexible and organic sensors, transparent conductive films, and solid-state lighting. Khasha has helped clients in the USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Norway, France, etc Khasha has also helped develop the Market Intelligence Portal and heads up its sales and content creation process.
Market Research Reports
  • Conductive Ink Markets 2012-2018: Forecasts, Technologies, Players
  • Graphene: Analysis of Technology, Markets and Players
  • Organic Photovoltaics: Technologies, Markets & Players
  • Metal Oxide TFT Backplanes for Displays: Analysis, Trends, Forecasts
  • Transparent Conductive Films (TCF): Forecasts, Technologies, Players
Recent consultancy project examples:
  • (silver nanoparticles and other conductive inks) A $12 billion chemical company had developed a nanoparticle production technique and wanted to commercialise it. We helped them evaluate the market potential for their production technique. More specifically, we benchmarked their technology against all competitive manufacturing techniques; developed a detailed global competitive landscape; identified, assessed and quantified potential target markets across different verticals; and recommended a commercialisation strategy
  • (diversification from printing) A $600 million multi-national printing company was looking to participate in the printed electronics industry. Their existing markets had become flat or were in decline, and they were looking to diversify into emerging high-growth markets. We outlined the business landscape; identified opportunities and risks in a range of emerging market segments, systematically located a gap in the value chain, and recommended a business model taking into account their expertise, customer base, size and risk appetite
  • (printed electronics) A $7billion global chemical company wanted to participate in the printed electronics space. They were looking to invest in high-growth technologies applicable to the broadest possible range of market segments. We identified technologies that would be common across applications such as solid-state lighting, touch screens, photovoltaics, displays, components, etc. We estimated the market pull and growth potential for each technology in each application and weighted our analysis by our estimate of total application market size. Our systematic study identified top three technologies for investment.
  • (graphene and carbon nanotubes) A $7billion company wanted to bring in an emerging material into their family of technologies by acquiring a start-up. We helped them understand the competitive landscape and to systematically identify companies that offered the best fit to their existing product portfolio and future growth strategy. We identified and assessed a broad range of target companies across the globe. In our due diligence, we accounted for parameters such as IP position, manufacturing cost, scalability, product quality, funding sources, and accessible target
PhD in Electronic Engineering: London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College London
Thesis: Transport and Instability Mechanisms in Oxide Semiconductor Thin Film Transistors
Key research collaborators: Samsung Institute of Advanced Technology, Phillips Research, Holst Centre, University of Waterloo
Key experimental technical knowledge:
  • Manufacturing thin film transistors including design, deposition, patterning and etching
  • Optical, electrical and physical characterisation of thin film layers and nanomaterials
  • Full electrical and optical device characterisation
  • Experiment design
MPhil in Micro-Nanotechnology Enterprise: University of Cambridge
Thesis: Micro strain sensors using resonant MEMS devices
Key experimental technical knowledge:
  • Designing complex electro-mechanical resonant MEMS systems
  • Working with foundries to manufacture MEMS systems according to design
  • Designing and implementing complex electronic drive and read-out circuitry
  • Characterisation strain sensors under resonant conditions
  • Experiment design
BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Exeter
Thesis: Microcontroller pogromming for manipulating a robot arm in 2D space
Key experimental technical knowledge:
  • Micro-controller set-up and programming
  • Matlab programming including complex control procedures and user control interface
  • Various digital and analogue circuit designs and implementations
Academic Publications
1. K. Ghaffarzadeh (first author) et al. "Instability in threshold voltage and subthreshold behavior in Hf-In-Zn-O thin film transistors induced by bias-and light-stress", Applied Physics Letters (2010)
2. K. Ghaffarzadeh (first author) et al. "Persistent photoconductivity in Hf-In-Zn-O thin film transistors", Applied Physics Letters (2010)
3. K. Ghaffarzadeh (second author) et al. "Trap-limited and percolation conduction mechanisms in amorphous oxide semiconductor thin film transistors", Applied Physics Letters (2011)
4. K. Ghaffarzadeh (second author) et al. "non-ohmic contact resistance and field-effect mobility in nanocrystalline silicon thin film transistors", Applied Physics Letters (2008)
5. K. Ghaffarzadeh (fourth author) et al., "Temperature dependent electron transport in amorphous oxide semiconductor thin film transistors", Electron Device Meeting (IEDM) (2011)
6. K. Ghaffarzadeh (first author) et al., "Light-bias induced instability and persistent photoconductivity in In-Zn-O/Ga-In-Zn-O thin film transistors", SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers (2012)
7. K. Ghaffarzadeh (fifth author) et al., "Graphene oxide gate dielectric for graphene-based monolithic field effect transistors", Applied Physics Letters (2013)
Khasha has lectured at leading academic and business conferences around the world including the USA, Germany, UK, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Japan, and China
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Dr Harry Zervos

Dr Harry Zervos - Principal Analyst

+1 617 577 7890 xt 204
Harry Zervos is a Principal Analyst at IDTechEx. Harry received his degree in physics from the University of Athens, Greece, and went on to study materials science at Cranfield University, where he received his PhD on the topic of precision manufacturing of optics. He is currently involved with in-depth analysis of the technologies and markets for printed electronics (with a specific interest in thin film solar and displays & lighting technologies) and leads the research effort on energy harvesting and storage technologies, looking into a variety of verticals, ranging from portable applications all the way to vehicle integration as well as large-scale implementations.
Market Research Reports
He's the author or co-author of several IDTechEx reports including:
  • New Opportunities for Gold
  • Barrier Films for Flexible Electronics
  • Conductive Inks Markets
  • Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
  • Organic Photovoltaics
  • Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
Dr Zervos has been in charge of the topics of barrier films for flexible electronics, thin film photovoltaic technologies and thermoelectric energy harvesting for several years within IDTechEx, allowing him to gain insight in both market consideration but also deeper technology and scientific aspects, aided by his wide scientific background and understanding of science and technology principles. This is reflected in the contents of the reports he authors, which balance market insight with scientific and technical considerations, aided by his solid background in the sciences.
Having been with IDTechEx for over 6 years, he understands the company methodology for producing reports that is based on direct interviews. Dr Zervos has become versed in acquiring information on companies relating to their technology roadmaps, investment in specific emerging technologies, challenges and successes in overcoming technology hurdles etc. All this information allows Dr Zervos to construct accurate profiles of interviewed companies, based on the state of their technology development, their intended commercialization roadmap, competitive landscape etc.
Consultancy Projects
Examples of recent consultancy projects include:
  • Utilizing his knowledge on photovoltaics technologies, Dr Zervos has delivered bespoke projects to a European Government Entity that was looking to identify potential target companies to fund in the space of organic photovoltaics; as well as a major automotive OEM that was looking to integrate thin film photovoltaic technologies in its vehicles. For these projects, as well as for all other major consultancy projects Dr Zervos has been involved in, he has utilized his extensive network of personal contacts in the industries he follows, which is difficult to duplicate.
  • An overview of the competitive landscape for thermoelectric materials as well as their forecasted growth segments for a $9 Billion materials company. Dr Zervos was particularly praised by the client for his ability to navigate through topics relating both to market and business development aspects but also technology aspects that required an indepth understanding of thermoelectric scientific principles.
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Mr Franco Gonzalez

Mr Franco Gonzalez - Technology Analyst

+44 (0)1223 812300
Franco Gonzalez is a technology analyst with IDTechEx. Franco obtained an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge, where he focused on Sustainable Energy Systems. He has a honors degree in Chemical Engineering from National Autonomous University of Mexico. Before joining IDTechEx, Franco had 3 years of experience in global market analysis, strategic industrial relations, low carbon projects and initiatives. He has been actively involved in energy policy research groups in Latin-American and the UK. Since 2010, Franco has focused in the clean technology sector and its industry from a global perspective.
At IDTechEx, he is mainly involved with analysis and research of the supercapacitor, electric vehicles, energy storage and smart windows and glass technologies. Based on his technical background, knowledge in management of technology and innovation and his previous professional experience, Franco has led high impact consultancy projects supporting the private sector to leverage opportunities in emerging industries and the public sector to improve their innovation programs for the support of a greener economy. Franco has also helped to develop IDTechEx's Electric Vehicle Market Intelligence Portal and heads up its content creation process.
He is author and co-author of the following reports:
  • Smart Windows and Glass (author)
  • Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors: Supercapacitors (co-author)
  • Supercapacitor / Ultracapacitor, Interviews, Strategies, Road Map 2014-2025 (co-author)
  • Batteries & Supercapacitors in Consumer Electronics: Forecasts, opportunities and innovation (co-author)
  • On the evolution of new forms of transport (lead author) for the European Commission FP7 INTRASME project. (lead author)
  • Case Studies Report of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Electric Vehicle Industry for the European Commission FP7 INTRASME project (lead author)
Examples of his recent consultancy work include:
  • A $200 million multi-national printing company is looking to participate in the energy storage industry. We outlined the business landscape pointing out where in the supply chain they would have an opportunity and explored the synergies with other emerging technologies which were out of the defined scope of the project.
  • The European Commission, as part of the Seventh Framework Program, requested IDTechEx to conduct a research on new business opportunities with high innovation potential in the Low Carbon Vehicle industry for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). The resulting research will include opportunities in land, sea and air vehicles and opportunities for integration with smart mobility and smart cities and will be the base for building innovation networks for SME in Europe to bring innovations to the market.(
  • A $200 million multi-national printing company is looking to participate in the energy storage industry. Following previous consultancy projects for this company we assisted the company in engaging with potential partners in the industry. We selected a set of partners with a global distribution, engaged with them on behalf of our client and established and followed up stages for the partnerships collaborations. We will assist the company to validate the forecast volumes which the company will use to make their investment decision.
Franco has lectured in forums in Europe and the USA.
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Dr Jon Harrop

Dr Jon Harrop - Director

+44 (0)7970 027 695
Dr Jon Harrop BA MA MSci PhD (Cantab) has been a director of IDTechEx since 2012. He earned degrees in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge and has published peer-reviewed academic papers on physics, chemistry and biology in journals such as Physical Review with a focus on computational science. He has worked on emerging technologies ever since and consulted for a variety of companies including BP, Aviva and Microsoft. He has authored and co-authored dozens of books and reports over the past 20 years from New Intelligent Printing Techniques (1995) to 3D Printing Applications (2014). Jon joined IDTechEx as a director in 2012 and currently specializes in 3D printing, internet of things and wearable technologies.
Dr Guillaume Chansin

Dr Guillaume Chansin - Technology Analyst

+44 (0)1223 813703
Dr Guillaume Chansin is a technology analyst with IDTechEx. He is fluent in French and English and has given presentations in both languages. Before joining IDTechEx, Guillaume worked in R&D at Plastic Logic, one of the most experienced companies in the flexible and organic display industry. Guillaume received his PhD from Imperial College London. At IDTechEx, he is based in Cambridge (UK) and covers printed, organic and flexible electronics.
Engineering and nanotechnology background
Guillaume obtained a Diplôme d'Ingénieur in Physics Engineering at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) in Toulouse. His master's thesis was on three-dimensional fabrication with nanoimprint lithography. He went on to develop novel nanopore and nanofluidic devices at Imperial College London, where he received his PhD. Guillaume has published several research papers in leading nanotechnology journals. His research has involved multiple disciplines such as nanotechnology, optics, microfabrication, microfluidics and materials science.
G.A.T. Chansin, J. Hong, J. Dusting et al., Small 7 (19), 2736 (2011).
M. Ayub, A. Ivanov, E. Instuli, M. Cecchini, G. Chansin et al., Electrochim. Acta 55 (27) (2010).
G. A. T. Chansin, J. Hong, A. J. deMello et al., in Nanofluidics, edited by J. B. Edel and A. J. deMello (RSC Publishing, Cambridge, 2009).
J. Hong, Y. Lee, G. A. T. Chansin et al., Nanotechnology 19 (16) (2008).
G. A. T. Chansin, R. Mulero, J. Hong et al., Nano Letters 7 (9), 2901 (2007).
N. Kehagias, G. Chansin, V. Reboud et al., Microelectron. Eng. 84 (5-8), 921 (2007).
N. Kehagias, V. Reboud, G. Chansin et al., Nanotechnology 18 (17), 4 (2007).
N. Kehagias, V. Reboud, G. Chansin et al., J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 24 (6), 3002 (2006).
Expertise in printed, organic and flexible electronics
Dr Guillaume Chansin has authored the IDTechEx report Printed and Flexible Sensors 2014-2024: Technologies, Players, Forecasts. He reviewed all the existing printed sensors (temperature, gas, piezoelectric, etc...), identified the key players, described the various technologies and compared them against conventional (non-printed) ones. He also profiled companies manufacturing sensors, including a description of their technology, business model and value proposition.
Guillaume previously worked in R&D at Plastic Logic. He has a practical understanding of the issues and challenges involved with flexible substrates and organic materials, as well as the advantages of organic thin film transistors (OTFT) in flexible active-matrix display backplanes.
Guillaume has a good knowledge of the various display technologies, their pros and cons and has hand-on experience in handling and driving flexible electrophoretic displays (e-paper). He regularly attends SID Display week, the most important conference and exhibition on display technologies.
Examples of his recent consultancy work for IDTechEx include:
  • Leading a project for a sensor manufacturer who wanted to find potential acquisition targets to expand their product portfolio. Guillaume worked closely with this client to understand their criteria and identified the potential companies matching the requirements.
  • Helping an East-Asian component supplier understand the opportunities in emerging flexible applications. This involved gathering information across the whole value chain, identifying the areas where the current technology was lacking and analysing the growth potential in the short term.
  • Helping a client learn lessons from the past and understand the challenges in printed electronics. Guillaume provided full company profiles and assessment of successful and unsuccessful companies in printed, flexible and/or large-area electronics.
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Dr Xiaoxi He

Dr Xiaoxi He - Technology Analyst

+44 (0)1223 812300
Dr Xiaoxi He is a technology analyst with IDTechEx. She covers printed electronics, flexible and thin film batteries, electric vehicles and 3D printing. Xiaoxi obtained her PhD in Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, where she worked on organic photovoltaics. Prior to that, she completed her MSc at the University of Ulm (Germany) and her BSc degree at Shandong University (China). Xiaoxi has authored several publications in leading peer-reviewed journals. Xiaoxi speaks Chinese (Mandarin) and English.

IDTechEx expert associates

Prof Iain McCulloch

Prof Iain McCulloch -

Iain McCulloch is Professor of Polymer Materials in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London. His research interests are in the design, synthesis and application of conjugated materials for optical and electronic applications. He obtained a PhD in Polymer Chemistry in 1989 at the University of Strathclyde, UK, then joined the research department of Hoechst Celanese Corp., engaged in the research of novel functional polymers for nonlinear optics, lithography and drug delivery. Before joining Imperial, he was a Research Manager at Merck Chemicals, UK from 2000 to 2007, responsible for novel solution processable organic semiconductor materials for application in organic field effect transistors and photovoltaic devices. He has edited one book, is co-inventor on over 50 patents, and co-author of over 120 papers and four book chapters.
He is currently the guest editor for organic electronics special editions of Advanced Materials, and has recently been the guest editor for special editions of both the Materials Research Society Bulletin and Journal of Display Technology. He is an associate editor of Materials Science and Engineering Reports and serves on review panels for the UK government, is a Technology Strategy Board Monitoring Officer, is on the scientific advisory committee of several government funded projects and sits on review panels for the TSB and EPSRC. He is a co-founder and Director of Flexink Ltd, a specialty semiconductor materials start-up company and is a founding partner in the technology consultancy, C-Change LLP.
As the Research Manager of the Organic Electronics group at Merck Chemicals, he was the technical expert responsible for due diligence during the acquisitions of both the Avecia Electronic Materials group (including Covion) and the Schott Organic Lighting group.
Dr Norman Bardsley

Dr Norman Bardsley -

Dr Norman Bardsley received an M.A. in mathematics from Cambridge University and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Manchester in England. He has been an educator, advisor, consultant, and program manager for many academic, industrial and government organizations. In 2007, he was awarded an Honorary Professorship at the University of Dundee.
Dr Bardsley advises industry, government and academia on flat panel displays, solid-state lighting and energy efficiency, with special emphasis on diffuse lighting, organic electronics and smart lighting networks.
Norman's current activities are focused upon diffuse lighting applications of OLEDs and LEDs, flexible substrates and printed electronics.
Dr John B. Fenn, Jr.

Dr John B. Fenn, Jr. -

Dr John B. Fenn Jr., is an internationally known thin film vacuum coating expert. Fenn`s expertise is roll-to-roll sputtering high-performing thin films onto flexible substrates. He has started two companies that specialized in R2R vacuum sputtering, working in such areas as transparent conductive films, high vapor barrier layers and optical layers.
Dr Fenn received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Purdue University in 1972 and then worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the Chemistry Department at UCLA. His B.S. degree in Chemistry is from Tufts University. He has published or presented over 25 papers on a variety of both converting and business marketing topics. Since 2003 he has been consulting in the area of transparent conductive films, high vapor barrier coatings, photovoltaic materials and nano particles.
Dr Gerry Boast

Dr Gerry Boast -

Dr Gerard Boast has been involved in the research and development of electric motors and drives for over 25 years. He has a B.Sc in electrical engineering and a PhD. in advanced motor control from the University of Sussex, UK.
Dr Boast provides strategic and design consultancy to the automotive and automation industries in the field of electric motor and drive systems. He has held senior positions in several electric power-train companies including most recently as V.P. of Engineering at Protean Electric Ltd where he was responsible for all technical development of their highly integrated hub-motor/inverter systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. He is the holder of several patents in the field of electric motors and controls.
Dr Rich Fletcher

Dr Rich Fletcher -

Dr Fletcher received his PhD in wireless sensors from MIT. He also holds two undergraduate degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Dr Fletcher has 18 years research experience in RFID and wireless technologies, participating in a number of projects in industry and the military as well as academia. His current core research is on wearable sensors for physiological and environmental monitoring; energy harvesting; sensors for health screening and diagnostics; and wireless network architectures, mobile phones and distributed sensing.
Dr Fletcher is a research scientist at MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital and VA Hospital, in addition to being an instructor at Harvard Medical School and an assistant Professor at UMass Medical School.