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Since 1999 IDTechEx has provided independent market research and business intelligence on emerging technologies to companies across the value chain, supporting them in making essential strategic business decisions.

We have two core services:

IDTechEx Research: supplying market and technology intelligence in the form of reports, the market intelligence portal, strategy sessions and bespoke consulting work.

IDTechEx Events: providing networking, state-of-play knowledge sharing and enabling industry sales through global tradeshows/exhibitions and conferences, many of which are the largest in the world on the topic.

The topics we cover are broadly categorized as:

Key to providing these services are our business and technology experts (mostly PhD educated) who are respected, high profile and well-connected in their fields, conducting interviews and exhaustive research across supply chains from end to end.

IDTechEx is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with offices also in Boston, USA, Tokyo, Japan and Berlin, Germany.

We have served clients in 80 countries, working with business leaders, technology scouts, sales & marketing, and research & development teams in organisations large and small. They rely on our research to provide them with the information they seek to make informed, timely, strategic decisions on emerging technologies.

Contact us to learn how we can help your strategic decision making process, or subscribe to receive our research alerts and market update journals.


Overview of what IDTechEx does and how

IDTechEx serves the following topics and industries as follows.

Topics we cover For the following industries By providing Through the following deliverables
Printed, Flexible & Organic Electronics
E Mobility: Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles
Emerging Materials and Devices
Energy Harvesting and Storage
RFID, NFC, RTLS and Wireless Sensors
3D Printing
Future Mobile Phone Technologies
Wearable Technology
Chemicals and materials
Electronics and electricals
Transportation, mobility and aerospace
Consumer goods, retail and packaging
Architecture and the built environment
Media and Advertising
Printing, process control and automation
Business and product appraisal and benchmarking
Understanding of emerging technologies and markets
Market requirements and sizing
Company evaluation
Appraisal of emerging threats and opportunities
Emerging Technology Scouting
Scoping of acquisitions
Response and market entry strategies
Introductions, exposure and networking
Subscription services with direct access to globally recognised experts
Market and technology research reports
Timely assessment of global trends through articles and market updates
Bespoke consulting and research projects
Databases of company profiles and their benchmarking, presentations and case studies.
Conferences, tradeshows, masterclasses and investment summits covering market needs and technology.