About us

Since 1999 IDTechEx has provided independent market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technology to clients in over 80 countries.

Our clients use our insights to help make strategic business decisions and grow their organisations.
IDTechEx is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with additional offices in Boston, USA; Berlin, Germany and associates in Tokyo, Japan.

Why IDTechEx

  • Deep technical and market understanding
    Our globally cited analysts are mostly PhD-educated subject matter experts. Crucially, our analyst team also includes successful experienced business leaders.
  • Research methodology
    We conduct primary research through interviews, site visits and events across the World, getting the insight first.
  • Focus on Commercialization
    New technologies tend to be hyped. We focus on assessing the needs of end users to identify problems where new technologies can add value.
  • Saying it as it is
    Based on extensive research, we provide a clear view of the real situation in complex subject maters, regardless of the popular conception.
  • Connected
    IDTechEx hosts the World's largest events on some of the topics we cover, in addition to daily web journals. This has helped to create a significant contact base in the topics we cover, allowing us to connect you with customers.

at a glance

  • We have supported clients in over 80 countries since 1999
  • Our dedicated team speak 12 languages
  • We conduct over 1,000 formal and informal interviews and visits each year
  • IDTechEx analysts present at over 40 global conferences every year
  • Over 4,500 attendees each year at our global events
  • More than 200 unique exhibitors at our global tradeshows
  • 200,000+ contacts in our database from around the world
  • Over 70 current and mostly unique market research reports written on 9 different technology areas
  • 3 daily news journals covering Printed Electronics, Energy Harvesting, and Electric Vehicles

Core Services


Supplying market and technology intelligence in the form of reports and the Market Intelligence Portal.


Assisting companies in making sound strategic business decisions.


Providing networking, knowledge sharing and enabling sales through global tradeshows and conferences, many of which are the world's largest on the topic.

IDTechEx serves the following topics and industries
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Topics we cover

For the following industries

By providing

Through the following deliverables

3D Printing Chemicals and materials Business and product appraisal and benchmarking Subscription services with direct access to globally recognized experts
Emerging Materials and Devices Electronics and electricals Understanding of emerging technologies and markets Market and technology research reports
Energy Harvesting Transportation, mobility and aerospace Market requirements and sizing Timely assessment of global trends through articles and market updates
Energy Storage Consumer goods, retail and packaging Company evaluation Bespoke consulting and research projects
Hybrid and Pure Electric Vehicles Architecture and the built environment Appraisal of emerging threats and opportunities Databases of company profiles and their benchmarking, presentations and case studies.
Internet of Things and People Media and Advertising Emerging Technology Scouting Conferences, tradeshows, masterclasses and investment summits covering market needs and technology.
Printed, Flexible, Organic Electronics Printing, process control and automation Scoping of acquisitions
RFID Healthcare Response and market entry strategies
Wearable Technology Government Introductions, exposure and networking
IDTechEx has been featured in major media publications as a leading expert on emerging technologies

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IDTechEx Research provides timely market and technical research and strategic advice.
Access individual reports or subscribe to receive the full benefit of all our expertise on the topics that matter to you.
Please contact us to learn more and discuss your needs at: research@IDTechEx.com or call +1 617 577 7890 (US and ROW); +44 (0)1223 812300 (Europe); +81 90 5566 1533 (Japan).