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IDTechEx regularly undertakes consultancy and research on a huge range of RFID, smart packaging and printed electronics related subjects, including thin film electronics, chip and chipless tag technologies, markets, opportunities, consumer and user concerns and challenges and so on. As an independent company who do not make or install these technologies, IDTechEx is the leading independent source in this new growth industry. If you would like to interview an IDTechEx consultant or want further information for an article or TV/radio programme, please call + 44 (0) 1223 813703 or email:


Glyn Holland
Glyn Holland
Senior Editor
+44 01223 810273

Forthcoming Events

Business and Technology Insight Forum. Seoul 2016
21 - 23 September 2016
Seoul, Korea
Business and Technology Insight Forum. Osaka 2016
26 - 28 September 2016
Osaka, Japan
Printed Electronics USA 2016
16 - 17 November 2016
Santa Clara, CA, USA