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    Dr Harry Zervos

    Dr Harry Zervos

    Senior Technology Analyst

    +1 617 577 7890 xt 204
    Harry Zervos is a Senior Technology Analyst at IDTechEx. Harry received his degree in physics from the University of Athens, Greece, and went on to study materials science at Cranfield University, where he received his PhD on the topic of precision manufacturing of optics. He is currently involved with in-depth analysis of the technologies and markets for printed electronics (with a specific interest in thin film solar and displays & lighting technologies) and leads the research effort on energy harvesting and storage technologies, looking into a variety of verticals, ranging from portable applications all the way to vehicle integration as well as large-scale implementations.
    Market Research Reports
    He's the author or co-author of several IDTechEx reports including:
    • New Opportunities for Gold
    • Barrier Films for Flexible Electronics
    • Conductive Inks Markets
    • Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
    • Organic Photovoltaics
    • Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
    Dr Zervos has been in charge of the topics of barrier films for flexible electronics, thin film photovoltaic technologies and thermoelectric energy harvesting for several years within IDTechEx, allowing him to gain insight in both market consideration but also deeper technology and scientific aspects, aided by his wide scientific background and understanding of science and technology principles. This is reflected in the contents of the reports he authors, which balance market insight with scientific and technical considerations, aided by his solid background in the sciences.
    Having been with IDTechEx for over 6 years, he understands the company methodology for producing reports that is based on direct interviews. Dr Zervos has become versed in acquiring information on companies relating to their technology roadmaps, investment in specific emerging technologies, challenges and successes in overcoming technology hurdles etc. All this information allows Dr Zervos to construct accurate profiles of interviewed companies, based on the state of their technology development, their intended commercialization roadmap, competitive landscape etc.
    Consultancy Projects
    Examples of recent consultancy projects include:
    • Utilizing his knowledge on photovoltaics technologies, Dr Zervos has delivered bespoke projects to a European Government Entity that was looking to identify potential target companies to fund in the space of organic photovoltaics; as well as a major automotive OEM that was looking to integrate thin film photovoltaic technologies in its vehicles. For these projects, as well as for all other major consultancy projects Dr Zervos has been involved in, he has utilized his extensive network of personal contacts in the industries he follows, which is difficult to duplicate.
    • An overview of the competitive landscape for thermoelectric materials as well as their forecasted growth segments for a $9 Billion materials company. Dr Zervos was particularly praised by the client for his ability to navigate through topics relating both to market and business development aspects but also technology aspects that required an indepth understanding of thermoelectric scientific principles.
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