Dr Harry ZervosPrincipal Analyst

Dr Harry Zervos is a Principal Analyst at IDTechEx. Harry received his degree in physics from the University of Athens, Greece, and went on to study materials science at Cranfield University, where he received his PhD on the topic of precision manufacturing of optics. He is currently involved with in-depth analysis of the technologies and markets for flexible and wearable electronics, energy harvesting and robotics, looking into a variety of verticals, ranging from consumer applications all the way to industrial and vehicle automation. Harry also studies the innovation impact of overarching trends such as the Internet of Things and shifting paradigms such as the rise of robotic sensing.
Having been with IDTechEx for almost 10 years, he has acquired skills that help him understand how emerging markets evolve but also the effect of science and technology advances in shaping that evolution, aided by his technical background and grasp of scientific principles. As a result, he works closely with clients worldwide on identifying the most meaningful ways for them to embrace innovation.

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