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This is the IDTechEx Master Report for 3D Printing

3D-Druck und additive Fertigung 2020-2030: COVID-Ausgabe

This report covers the technologies used and the main applications in 3D printing with an assessment of commercially available printers and materials. Analysis showing the state of the market, market growth drivers and restraints, and forecast printer and materials revenue is provided. The market for 3D printers and consumables is predicted to be worth $45bn by the year 2030.
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3D-Druck in der Medizin- und Dentalindustrie 2019 2029 

This report covers the tools and techniques used in the 3D printing of medical devices and living tissues for application in the medical and dental industry. Analysis showing the state of the technology, applications, case studies, market growth, drivers and restraints, and revenue trend analysis is provided. 3D printing medical devices and living tissues will present a $8.1 billion opportunity for materials, equipment and software providers by 2029.
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Additive Fertigung und Leichtbauwerkstoffe für die Luft- und Raumfahrt und Verteidigung 2018-2028 

Aerospace has the highest carbon footprint per tonne-km over any other mode of transportation. Regulatory demands coupled with economic and performance advantages mean that saving any weight is a constant target. This report looks at the key lightweighting approaches for this sector and which players and technologies stand to be the main winners and losers. The predominant focus is on advanced lightweight materials and the rise of additive manufacturing.
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3D-Biodruck 2018-2028: Technologien, Märkte, Prognosen 

This report covers the technologies used in 3D bioprinting and the main applications of 3D bioprinted tissue, with focus given to the future application of regenerative medicine. The benefits of 3D bioprinting technology, current drivers, trends, and challenges are discussed in this report. 3D bioprinting is estimated to become a $1.9 billion market by the year 2028.
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3D-Drucksoftware 2018-2028: Technologie und Marktanalyse 

This report covers the technologies used and the main applications of 3D printing software, with an assessment of open source and commercial computer aided engineering and manufacture software used for additive manufacture. Market analysis demonstrates that the rapidly expanding 3D printing software market will be worth $966 million by 2028.
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3D-Druck-Keramik 2022-2032: Technologie und Marktausblick 

Ceramic 3D printing presently exists as a niche of the overall 3D printing industry, but recently more companies - from start-ups to ceramics materials suppliers - have joined the field. This report will examine the status of ceramic 3D printing technologies and materials, identify major players, highlight interesting applications, and provide market forecasts for ceramic 3D printing. For any company looking to enter this small but growing specialty, this report is essential.
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3D-Druck-Verbundwerkstoffe 2021-2031: Technologie und Marktanalyse 

3D printing of composite materials is reaching a commercial tipping point. 3D printing of polymer materials can have mechanical limitations that benefit from fiber reinforcement (or other functionalities), and composite manufacturing is known to be costly and challenging that can benefit from the moldless, rapid prototyping and automated approach that additive manufacturing enables. IDTechEx forecast that the market will rapidly rise to reach $2bn by 2031. This market report provides a comprehensive view for 3D printing market for composite materials, including granular 10-year forecasts, material and printer benchmarking studies and interview-based company profiles.
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Markt für 3D-Druck-Materialien 2020-2030: COVID-Ausgabe 

From its humble beginnings in the late 1980s, through to the global force that it is today, the capabilities of 3D printing technology have been dependent on the range of materials available compatible with the different printing processes. The range of materials has continued to diversify in this time, with key 3D printer equipment manufacturers devoting significant resources to bringing new materials to market. This portfolio of compatible materials has continued to expand as end users demand higher quality products, greater choice and flexibility, and in the case of prototyping, materials that are more representative of the final product's appearance and behaviour. With end users spanning multiple industry verticals, there is a continuing drive to expand this list. The growth potential for 3D printing materials differs significantly from printing equipment, as legacy printers which are still operational continue to consume materials. Therefore, this segment of the 3D printing value chain represents tremendous potential growth opportunity over the next decade: IDTechEx forecasts that the global market for 3D printing materials will be worth $18.4 billion in 2030.
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3D-Elektronik 2020-2030: Technologien, Prognosen, Akteure 

This IDTechEx report on 3D electronics analyses and compares a suite of technologies that will enable separate PCBs to be replaced with integrated electronics, thus saving space and weight along with reducing manufacturing complexity. It includes in-mold electronics, film-insert molding, adding electronic functionality to 3D surfaces, and fully 3D printed electronics. It includes market forecasts, company profiles, case studies, identification of technological challenges and associated innovation opportunities. This comprehensive overview should enable readers to understand how they can take advantage of this exciting new approach that will ultimately replace PCBs in many applications.
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Additive Fertigung von Metallen 2020-2030 

Metal additive manufacturing will be a key enabling technology across multiple sectors. The technology is already being used for prototypes, tooling, replacement parts, and small to large production runs. There are notable new processes, new entrants, significant acquisitions, and an expanding adoption within end-users. However, given the key current markets, the COVID-19 pandemic will severely impact this industry in the short-to-mid term. IDTechEx provide granular 10-year market forecasts at a critical time for this industry, providing breakdown by process, material, applications, and geography. This research was conducted by IDTechEx technology analysts who, through extensive primary interviews, bring the reader the key information for this market. This report includes over 50 detailed company profiles, from promising start-ups through to market leaders, material players, and more.
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Smart City Materialien, Systeme, Märkte 2022-2042 

This 330 page report on smart city business opportunities explains why they now graduate from trivial to heroic. Infograms interpret pollution, desertification, sea level rise, appropriate action such as food, water, energy independence, resilience, conservation, zero-emission materials and electrification. Understand required smart multifunctional materials, infrastructure, ultra-high-performance concretes, VTOL air taxis, robot shuttles, dispersed electricity production/storage, indoor food production, ICT, IOT, 6G, sensors, 25 new roadmaps forecasts 2022-2042.
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Beton und Zement neu erfunden: Markt vergrößern, dekarbonisieren 2022-2042 

Uniquely, this commercially-oriented report explains how the cement and concrete industry can transform to zero-emission and rapid profitable growth from new formulations, products and capabilities. It can open up many new markets such as multifunctional concrete (electrical, optical etc.) and 3D printed large structures free of steel reinforcement. It can sell surplus zero emission electricity and its storage by leveraging site assets. Source is PhD level, multilingual IDTechEx analysts worldwide.
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In-Mold-Elektronik 2022-2032: Technologie, Marktprognosen, Akteure 

In-mold electronics enables electronic functionality to be embedded within molded and thermoformed plastic components. With the integration of capacitive touch, lighting and even haptics alongside size and weight reductions of up to 70%, IME is an efficient approach to making curved touch-sensitive interfaces. Given these benefits, IDTechEx forecasts IME to be a $1.5 billion market by 2032, with applications mainly within the automotive and consumer goods sectors.
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Materialinformatik 2022-2032 

Materials Informatics represents an R&D paradigm shift by fundamentally accelerating the time from innovation to market. There are multiple strategic approaches and already some notable success stories; missing this transition will be very costly. This report provides key insights and outlooks on the market. Through technical primary interviews, readers will get a detailed understanding of the players, business models, technology, and the application areas.
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Aerogele 2021-2031: Technologien, Märkte und Akteure 

Aerogels are a family of nanoporous materials that have been known for nearly 100 years. There has been a complex history, with key commercial uptake starting in the 21{^st} century. The market is dominated by silica aerogel blankets. This is used as insulation material predominantly for the oil & gas industry. There is lots of activity as new players scale up, particularly in China, and new applications are found, from EV battery packs to building & construction. Beyond silica, there is the emerging field of polymer and carbon aerogels that are at a very early-stage of commercialisation and have the capacity to take the industry in entirely new directions. This report covers the main technologies, players, and markets for the aerogel industry. IDTechEx has been studying the field for many years and brings the most comprehensive and accurate information on this evolving market.
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Bewertung des Marktes für Graphen und 2D-Materialien 2021-2031 

Graphen gilt seit langem als „Wundermaterial“ und als die Lösung für viele weltweite Herausforderungen. Die Realität sieht ganz anders aus, und die unmittelbaren Auswirkungen sind nicht zu beobachten. Die Branche hat jedoch in den letzten zehn Jahren Fortschritte gemacht, und es ist jetzt ein Wendepunkt zu beobachten, an dem bemerkenswerte Versuche zu Aufträgen, bedeutenden Kapazitätsinstallationen und Preissenkungen führen. Dieser Bericht befasst sich sowohl mit Graphenpulver/Plättchen als auch mit Filmen/Wafern. Benchmarking-Studien, granulare Prognosen, Unternehmensprofile, Herstellerkapazität/Einnahmen/Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung sind alle enthalten. IDTechEx blickt auf eine lange Geschichte in dieser Branche zurück und nutzt umfassende Primärforschung, um dem Leser die genauesten und aktuellsten technischen und Marktinformationen zu liefern. Über Graphen hinaus gibt es eine neu aufkommende Familie von 2D-Materialien, jeweils mit einzigartigen Eigenschaften und Potenzialen für eine Reihe kommerzieller Anwendungen. Fast alle befinden sich in einem sehr frühen Entwicklungsstadium. IDTechEx bietet eine Bewertung und einen Ausblick mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf Bornitrid, Übergangsmetall-Dichalcogeniden, MXenen und Xenen.
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Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen 2020-2030: Trends, Technologien und Ausblick 

The prevalence of CVD and the high economic burden it represents to healthcare systems demonstrate the urgent necessity for solutions to address this epidemic. This report highlights current trends, analyses market landscapes and offers insights into opportunities and challenges for the future. Its investigation into emerging technologies is divided into three parts - detection, monitoring and treatment - to provide an in-depth assessment of recent and upcoming developments.
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Laserdioden und direkte Diodenlaser 2019-2029: Technologien, Märkte und Prognosen 

Emerging semiconductor laser technologies will revolutionise industrial material processing and optical sensing markets. IDTechEx forecast the global laser diode and direct diode laser market to reach a size of $13.985 billion by 2029. Remarkably, the optical sensing segment grows by an order of magnitude during this period. Automotive and electronics industries will benefit greatly from advances in laser manufacturing, 3D sensing and imaging, lidar, and industrial machine vision.
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Faserlaser 2018-2028: Technologien, Chancen, Märkte und Prognosen 

The report provides coverage of highly innovative laser technologies and the rapidly growing fiber laser market, which are rarely explored by market research companies. The report is authored by an analyst with a technical background in laser physics research.
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Leichtmetalle 2018-2028: Prognosen, Entwicklungen, Akteure 

The pressing need for solutions that provide the same functional capacity but at a lighter weight is apparent across numerous industries. Lightweight metals provide the most advanced solution to this challenge. IDTechEx have analysed the complete supply chain for aluminium, magnesium, metal matrix composites (MMC), and metal foams. Each one stands at different levels of market maturity, but all possess underlying advancements in technological innovations and contain a wealth of opportunities.
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Gewebetechnik 2018-2028: Technologien, Märkte, Prognosen 

The market for engineered living tissue is forecasted to exceed $4.8 billion by the year 2028. This report covers the many technologies through which they can be manufactured, including 3D bioprinting and 3D printing. Additionally, this report covers the key opportunities for engineered tissues, of which the regenerative medicine market is discussed in detail. The innovations in tissue engineering today will undoubtedly change the nature of healthcare of the future.
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