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HQ CountryUnited Kingdom
ProfileImperial College London is consistently ranked in the top 10 in the world. The Electrochemical Science & Engineering group is an interdisciplinary partnership between 4 academics across 3 departments, working together to develop the tools and techniques that industry need to successfully commercialise technologies based upon electrochemical systems.

Presentations by Imperial College London

Modelling & Design, From Cells To Systems, For Supercapacitors And Lithium Hybrid CapacitorsDr Gregory J. Offer, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering11 May 2017
Contrasting Energy Harvesting With Wireless Power DeliveryDr Paul D Mitcheson, Lecturer28 Apr 2016
Development of High-Performing Semiconducting Polymers for Transistors and Solar CellsDr Christian Nielsen,29 Apr 2015
Wireless Power: Mid-Range Inductive Charging and RF HarvestingDr David Yates,2 Apr 2014
Supercapacitors as Fuel Cell Life ExtendersDr Billy Wu, PhD Research Postgraduate1 Apr 2014
Powering Sensors Using Ambient or Directed Electromagnetic FieldsDr Paul D Mitcheson, Lecturer21 Nov 2013
Structural SupercapacitorsDr Natasha Shirshova, Research Fellow18 Apr 2013
Structural SupercapacitorsDr Natasha Shirshova, Research Fellow18 Apr 2013

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