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HQ CountryJapan
ProfileSharp Laboratories of Europe (SLE) was founded in 1990 to develop new ideas and technology for Sharp products and to support Sharp business in Europe. SLE is a UK private limited company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation. Research and development areas range from IT through optical devices to display electronics, optics, PV, health and energy storage. SLE has an excellent record of technology transfer starting with 5 million unit sales of a neural network microwave oven in 1994, invented in Oxford University, developed at SLE and manufactured at Sharp's factory in Wrexham. SLE was instrumental in the development of Sharp's red and blue laser diodes for CD and DVD players, demonstrating the world's first laser diode by MBE in 2004. In 2009 a new energy and environment group was established in SLE, the energy team develops and demonstrates novel energy storage devices and energy management tools for a low carbon, high energy efficiency, European consumer market. Climate change remains a challenge for mankind and the future energy strategy is being debated. We are developing advanced solar solutions that will offer consumers combined heat and power. We also have activities to develop new technology to deliver fresh business models in the energy arena and in collaboration with partners are developing future energy technologies for storage and services. In particular SLE has been investigating next generation batteries for stationary energy storage, and is looking at different business models and cases for residential energy storage systems.

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Development Of Sodium Ion Batteries For Stationary Energy StorageDr Emma Kendrick, Chief Technologist- Energy Storage17 Nov 2016
Domestic Solar Energy Generation and StorageDr Emma Kendrick, Research Supervisor18 Apr 2013
Domestic Solar Energy Generation and StorageDr Emma Kendrick, Research Supervisor18 Apr 2013
The Ups and Downs of Printed Electronics: In Search of Technology and Business ApplicationsMr Tolis T Voutsas, Senior Manager LCD Process Technology Lab13 Apr 2010

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