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26 Feb 2021

World's First 3D Printed School for Madagascar

A new project in Madagascar is using 3D printing to create new schools. Non-profit organisation Thinking Huts has partnered with architectural design agency Studio Mortazavi to create the world's first 3D-printed school on the campus of a university in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar. It is aiming to tackle the shortage of educational infrastructure which in many countries contributes to fewer children getting a good education.
25 Feb 2021

3D Printed Novel Biomaterial Mimics Properties of Living Tissues

Imagine if surgeons could transplant healthy neurons into patients living with neurodegenerative diseases or brain and spinal cord injuries. And imagine if they could "grow" these neurons in the laboratory from a patient's own cells using a synthetic, highly bioactive material that is suitable for 3D printing.
24 Feb 2021

ACEO Launches Hard/Soft Multi-Material 3D Printing

WACKER's ACEO team launches another new-to-the-world material combination that allows silicone elastomers and epoxy thermoset materials to be printed in one single print. The resulting combination of hard and soft materials enables designers and engineers to develop new, highly functional applications.
22 Feb 2021

VELO3D Appoints Jon Porter to Lead Expansion of Commercial Operations

As VELO3D continues on its accelerated growth path, the company has announced the appointment of Jon Porter to head its commercial operations in Europe. Based in the UK, Porter will oversee VELO3D's ongoing expansion efforts into this key strategic region.
20 Feb 2021

Ultra Fine Line Metal Patterning

Fine line metal patterning is being pursued for a number of applications, explored here by IDTechEx CEO Raghu Das
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19 Feb 2021

3D Printing Perovskites on Graphene Makes Next-Gen X-Ray Detectors

Scientists have developed a novel method for producing highly efficient X-ray detectors by using 3D aerosol jet-printing. The X-ray detectors can be easily integrated into standard microelectronics to considerably improve the performance of medical imaging devices.
18 Feb 2021


A company presentation from A.D.A.M: Advanced Development of Additive Manufacturing, Inc.
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18 Feb 2021

3D Printing with Material Intelligence through Machine Learning

Machine learning specialist Intellegens and engineering simulation leader Ansys have announced a collaboration to integrate machine learning methods into Additive Manufacturing workflows.
18 Feb 2021

Aerogels 2021-2031: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
17 Feb 2021

Neotech AMT: Scalable 3D Printed Electronics

Scalable 3D Printed Electronics - "Fully Additive" to High Volume Manufacture
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17 Feb 2021

6G Communications Needs Vast Areas of Printed Electronics

There is a near consensus that today's 5G communications and even its planned enhancement called Beyond 5G, i.e. B5G, will not meet the burgeoning requirements of industry, healthcare, aerospace, smart cities or even home entertainment. They need the services promised by 6G communications, though that has no specifications, roadmap or even frequency decided as yet.
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16 Feb 2021

3D Printed Ribeye Steak a World First

The proof-of-concept incorporates real muscle, fat, and vascular-like system similar to a ribeye from a slaughtered cow, in strategy to build a diverse portfolio of cultivated meat cuts of any dimension.
15 Feb 2021

CVD Graphene for Electronic Applications: 2021 Status and Outlook

Given the exciting properties, graphene has always been linked as a revolutionary material for the electronics industry. CVD graphene is cited as the ideal solution in providing a perfect single layer produced in a low cost continuous R2R process, but the manufacturing and commercial reality have proved very different. After a long period of research, and with players regularly exiting and entering the field, we are only now starting to see this technology mature and the dawn of the commercial reality.
11 Feb 2021

3D Printing Polymers

Researchers have developed the first 3D-printable "bottlebrush" elastomer. The new material results in printed objects that have unusual softness and elasticity — mechanical properties that closely resemble those of human tissue.
9 Feb 2021

3D Printed Bioresorbable Airway Stent

A research team is using 3D printing to produce a new type of bioresorbable airway stent. This could greatly simplify the future treatment of upper airway obstruction.
8 Feb 2021

3D Printed Microbes to Enhance Biomaterials

Scientists have developed a new method for 3D printing living microbes in controlled patterns, expanding the potential for using engineered bacteria to recover rare-earth metals, clean wastewater, detect uranium and more.
8 Feb 2021

Balls of Steel - or Silicone: 3D Printing Medical Advances Analyzed

3D printing offers an efficient method to improve current manufacturing limits across economic sectors such as transport, construction, and medical and dental industries allowing rapid prototyping and on-site production and repairs.
5 Feb 2021

Strategy Lessons from Latest News

In this article we introduce some guidelines useful in formulating your strategy. In other articles we have given the latest on tools that are useful such as the profitability V curve and the experience curve.
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4 Feb 2021

Dishing up 3D Printed Food, One Tasty Printout at a Time

Researchers have developed a new way to create "food inks" from fresh and frozen vegetables, that preserves their nutrition and flavour better than existing methods. Food inks are usually made from pureed foods in liquid or semi-solid form, then 3D-printed by extrusion from a nozzle, and assembled layer by layer.
4 Feb 2021

Profitability V Curves

A valuable tool in predicting risk and enduring profitability of businesses is the profitability V curve.
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