Electric Buses Revisited: Rapid Changes Now

The bus is rapidly changing in technology, use and regional adoption. For example, electric bus and truck manufacture becomes one business. Robot shuttle buses are being sold already. They can flip modes to taxi, school bus, on-demand bus and more. Soon India will buy more electric buses than the whole of Europe.
The globetrotting IDTechEx analysts interviewing in local languages have identified so many new changes that we have done something we have never done before. We have rewritten our electric buses report within one year and this webinar shares some of this. That includes the shocks seen by the 37,500 people recently attending Busworld in Belgium. Giant incumbents displaying rows of diesel buses and diesel engines sat awkwardly with robot battery buses and electric buses parking sideways, supercapacitor buses and more displayed by lesser known names.
This webinar shares what we make of all this and what our latest global interviews reveal. The information has been taken from the upcoming IDTechEx report Electric Buses 2020-2030: 2nd Edition.