Electric Vehicle Motors: Huge Change, Huge Market

Savvy designers realise that motors and power electronics are becoming more of the value of a vehicle than batteries. Indeed, they control far more market-moving performance features from vertical takeoff to vectored steering and traction, regeneration and more.
This webinar shares the research of the fully re-researched, rewritten IDTechEx report, Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2020-2030.
Why do some vehicles now have up to 36 traction motors instead of one making the motor market grow even faster than the electric vehicle market? Why is the controller an integral part of a motor nowadays, often costing more? Why are axial flux and reluctance forms gaining favour but rarely competing with each other? E-axles or in-wheel? 360 degree thrust? What next?
We share eight of the key trends covered in the report, new principles of thrust and why permanent magnets will not be favourite forever. It is all in this webinar.