Understanding the Li-ion Supply Chain

Li-ion batteries are the technology of choice for electric vehicles and many new gigafactories are being built as result. Indeed, recent investment across the LIB supply chain has been significant, from the extraction and processing of raw materials, to the production of battery components and cells. But where is this capacity being built, how long does it take come online and can supply meet what is expected to be a decade of huge growth in Li-ion battery demand?
In this webinar, Dr Alex Holland will give an overview of various aspects of the Li-ion Supply Chain. Topics covered in the webinar include:
• Introduction to energy storage and Li-ion batteries
• Technology trends
• Raw materials
• Business models, capacity build and cost analysis
• Overview of recycling
Information from this webinar has been taken from the new IDTechEx report, The Li-ion Battery Supply Chain 2020-2030.