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Which Electric Truck Powertrain Wins?
How will trucks clean up their act to avoid becoming illegal under the impending 2025 and 2030 legislation? This article discusses the different approaches.
alt="Regenerative walking technology strides into field trials"
Regenerative walking technology strides into field trials
The PowerWalk is a light-weight, leg-mounted exoskeleton designed to accommodate a soldier's full range of motion and harvest energy from the natural action of walking, in much the same way regenerative braking works in hybrid cars.
alt="Harnessing solar and wind energy in one device"
Harnessing solar and wind energy in one device
Researchers have integrated two energy harvesting technologies in one: a silicon solar cell and a nanogenerator that can convert wind energy into electrical output.
alt="First semi-transparent  perovskite modules"
First semi-transparent perovskite modules
The first-ever semi-transparent perovskite PV-module, achieving power conversion efficiencies up to 12%.
alt="Solar cells of the future could be based on iron molecules"
Solar cells of the future could be based on iron molecules
Researchers have successfully explained how iron-based dyes work on a molecular level in solar cells. The new findings will accelerate the development of inexpensive and environmentally friendly solar cells.
alt="Nanomaterial to drive new generation of solar cells"
Nanomaterial to drive new generation of solar cells
Physicists have discovered radical new properties in a nanomaterial, opening new possibilities for highly efficient thermophotovoltaic cells that could one day harvest heat in the dark and turn it into electricity.
Silicon Carbide vs Gallium Nitride Power Devices: Which Win?
alt="Playing with the thermostat in two dimensions"
Playing with the thermostat in two dimensions
Researchers have now, for the first time, directly detected the Peltier effect in graphene that is either one or two atoms thick.
alt="ZigBee Alliance welcomes 38 new members to drive IoT forward"
ZigBee Alliance welcomes 38 new members to drive IoT forward
The ZigBee Alliance, a non-profit association of companies creating, maintaining and delivering open, global standards for the low-power wireless Internet of Things, has announced 38 new members have joined since the beginning of 2016.
alt="Milestone in solar cell efficiency"
Milestone in solar cell efficiency
Australian engineers have edged closer to the theoretical limits of sunlight-to-electricity conversion by photovoltaic cells with a device that sets a new world efficiency record.

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