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For a list of IDTechEx research on Energy Harvesting and allied technologies, see
IP500 Alliance: Communication Platform for Smart Sensing Devices
Video interview with IP500 Alliance at Internet of Things Applications Europe.
alt="Wave generator supplies grid power in Hawaii"
Wave generator supplies grid power in Hawaii
Northwest Energy Innovations, LLC has developed the Azura™ wave power generation technology for converting the endless supply of ocean waves into electricity to meet the rapidly growing global demand for renewable energy.
alt="Kitemill Airborne Wind Energy advances"
Kitemill Airborne Wind Energy advances
Airborne wind energy (AWE) systems harness the stronger winds above the biggest wind turbines on earth. They use a small fraction of the materials and are quieter and more easily moved and commissioned so they have great potential for both off and on-grid use.
alt="Faster more efficient system to produce graphene for energy storage"
Faster more efficient system to produce graphene for energy storage
Researchers have developed a new process to develop few-layer graphene for use in energy storage and other material applications that is faster, potentially scalable and surmounts some of the current graphene production limitations.
alt="High power energy harvesting becomes significant"
High power energy harvesting becomes significant
High Power Energy Harvesting: Off-Grid 10W-100kW 2016-2026 is the title of a new IDTechEx report examining a newly significant off-grid energy market.
alt="Semi-transparent low cost material to harvest wind energy"
Semi-transparent low cost material to harvest wind energy
Moya Power is a semi-transparent low cost material that could be used to harvest small amounts of wind energy in a range of locations.
Electric buses: billion dollar orders and crucibles of change
China alone may have 11 million electric buses by 2025 or not long after. The way they are getting costs down - something tracked by IDTechEx - that may be at a much lower price than today but still constitute about $1 trillion or more. Compare that over a decade or more with the IDTechEx projections of all global EV sales, land, water and air, in 2025 of around $500 billion. Buses matter.
alt="Energy devices go wireless"
Energy devices go wireless
Scientists in China have developed a new method for connecting energy devices without using wires.
Memory LCD from Sharp - video interview
Jeremy Lock from Sharp Laboratories Europe being interviewed at the IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe event, covering their Memory LCD technology.
alt="Webinar Tues 4 August: High Power Energy Harvesting 2016-2026"
Webinar Tues 4 August: High Power Energy Harvesting 2016-2026
IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 4 August 2015.

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