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alt="Batteryless, ant sized radios for the internet of things"
Batteryless, ant sized radios for the internet of things
Researchers have built a radio the size of an ant, a device so energy efficient that it gathers all the power it needs from the same electromagnetic waves that carry signals to its receiving antenna - no batteries required.
alt="Solar power, origami-style"
Solar power, origami-style
Researchers say origami could be useful one day in utilizing space solar power for Earth-based purposes.
alt="GreenPeak introduces powerful Remote Control technology"
GreenPeak introduces powerful Remote Control technology
GreenPeak Technologies has launched the new GP565 Smart Home radio chip for remote controls, that supports voice control, motion sensing and the new ZRC 2.0 protocol. Next generation remotes use RF instead of infrared (IR) and will be able to control all the home's Smart Home features - all from a single remote.
alt="Tattoo biobatteries produce power from sweat"
Tattoo biobatteries produce power from sweat
Researchers reported that they have designed a sensor in the form of a temporary tattoo that can both monitor a person's progress during exercise and produce power from their perspiration.
alt="Energy harvesting from weight of vehicle at toll plaza"
Energy harvesting from weight of vehicle at toll plaza
Researchers have designed a way to harvest energy from the weight of vehicles passing through a toll plaza.
alt="Portable electricity generator and water purifier"
Portable electricity generator and water purifier
A portable device that purifies wastewater while generating electricity sustainably and affordably.
alt="Scientists shed light on organic photovoltaic characteristics"
Scientists shed light on organic photovoltaic characteristics
Scientists have developed a method that allows the prediction of the current density-voltage curve of a photovoltaic device.
alt="Batteryless pacemaker based on automatic wristwatch"
Batteryless pacemaker based on automatic wristwatch
Drawing on their clock-making heritage, Swiss scientists are adapting technology from automatic watches to power pacemakers with nothing more than the motion of the beating heart.
alt="Flexible solar cell woven into fabric"
Flexible solar cell woven into fabric
Wearable electronics are quickly becoming the fashion. And there could soon be a way to power those electronics indefinitely, now that scientists in China have developed a solar cell 'textile' that could be woven into clothes.
alt="Electricity from silk worm cocoons"
Electricity from silk worm cocoons
ndian researchers say they have successfully generated electricity by using silk worm cocoons, which can be used to run low power electronic devices.

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