Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2010
Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2010



Das Energy Harvesting Journal liefert Ihnen täglich Neuigkeiten zu den Entwicklungen in der Industrie. Dieses freie Portal ging im Februar 2009 ins Netz und thematisiert die Fortschritte beim Energy Harvesting und in der Energiespeicherung jeglicher Art.

IDTechEx, die führenden Analytiker und Veranstaltungsorganisatoren für Energy Harvesting und verwandte Technologien, schreibt und veröffentlicht diese Artikel, die Kommentare und Analysen beinhalten und Ihnen einen neutralen Einblick in die Materie geben. Sie haben die Möglichkeit unseren Newletter abonnieren, der Ihnen jeden Donnerstag zugeschickt wird, und der die neuen Artikel der vergangenen Woche beinhaltet.  Dieser Service hält Sie stets über die Entwicklungen in der Energy Harvesting Industrie auf dem Laufenden.

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Beiträge zu unternehmerischen Fortschritten, Pressemitteilungen, Fallstudien und Entwicklungen, welche wir dann in zukünftigen Artikeln veröffentlichen werden. Bitte senden Sie Ihren Beitrag an Frau Teresa Henryt
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Wenn Sie ein Medienpartner bei der Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe werden möchten, kontaktieren Sie bitte:
Cara Van Heest Cara Van Heest
Marketing Manager

E&E - The Fascination of Electronics
The E&E Media Concept offer a somewhat different view of the world of electronics - fascinating, emotional and with technological substance. Eight times a year E&E - The Fascination of Electronics presents fascinating aspects of electronics, with a focus on people, technology and exciting applications.
Electronics World
Electronics World is a technical engineering magazine aimed at professional electronic design engineers. Its content and style require readers to have formal training in electronics, either to a graduate or technician level.
The editorial of Electronics World covers the full range of electronic industry activities including:
technology, systems, components, design tools and instrumentation. It encompasses from hardware through to software and, design through to product implementation.
The purpose of Electronics World is to inform, educate, advise and entertain by supplying readers with sufficient engineering detail to enable them to understand developments in the electronics industry as the route to of their design problem solutions.
Electronics World is available to purchase via our website External Link in either print/digital format. You can also sign up to receive our weekly e-newsletter for the latest information.
Energy 2.0
What is the energy of the future? Where and how is it produced? How can it be distributed intelligently? What is the prerequisite for highly efficient energy deployment? Energy 2.0 answers these central questions of our time. Energy 2.0 supplies information about markets, strategies and technologies for the energy of the future. Topics range from energy production, transport and distribution to efficient energy deployment.
Off Grid Energy Independence
Off Grid Energy Independence provides you with a free daily update of the latest industry developments. This free portal covers progress of distributed energy and off grid energy harvesting in all its forms.
Hosted and written by IDTechEx, a leading analyst and event organiser on off grid energy independence and related technologies, articles provide commentary, analysis and give a balanced view of the subject. You can opt-in for an email to be sent to you every Thursday listing the new articles posted in the previous week. We aim to make this service your most valuable tool for keeping up to date with the off grid industry.
We seek your input - company progress, press releases, case studies and developments, which in turn we will feature as future articles. Please forward these to us - email Tessa Henderson at
Energy Management
With energy costs approaching record highs and the spectre of yet further increases over coming years, industry at large is now faced with some difficult challenges.
Not only do environmental issues now affect business strategies, but companies also have to take significant measures to secure the profitable future management of their company, by operating in a cost efficient, energy-saving way.
From shop floor to boardroom, manufacturing and engineering businesses have no choice but to continually evaluate and modify their energy management practices and it is important that we keep abreast of the latest information, products, systems, and services that enable them to achieve these improvements.
The editorial content of Energy Management is specifically configured to help make this process easier by presenting a balanced and informative insight into the latest products, systems, services and methods currently available, in a concise and easy-to-read format.
For more information on this or any other titles please visit the website or contact Damien Oxlee at
Going To Meet is a database of relevant events around the world. It maintains a wide list of interests ranging from science, culture, technology, race, religion, and many others. Along with its easy-to-use search engine, it also serves as a one-stop-website to knowing the most important details in every event.
Industry Wizards is a global community of subject matter experts in industrial technology, including RFID, RTLS, Lean Manufacturing, AutoID, Sensors, Information Technology, Standards, Regulations, Intellectual Property and Patents. Whether you are just learning, trying to improve your manufacturing operations, facing a mandate from a trading partner, or need a subject matter expert, you can find help here.
The trade magazine Instandhaltung ("Maintenance") deals with the inspection, maintenance and repair of machinery, systems and industrial constructions in all branches of industry. In addition to the presentation of new technical methods, equipment and tools, solutions are being introduced for the organisation and integration of maintenance measures into in-company processes in a practice-oriented manner. Thanks to the demonstration of the latest trends for the use of modern technology and organisational forms, this trade magazine is an indispensable orientation aid for plant and maintenance managers.
Institute of Nanostructured Materials and Photonics
The Institute of Nanostructured Materials and Photonics, part of the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is active in contract research, national and international project cooperations and networks in various fields of nanotechnology.
Research activities are focused on the development of optoelectronic (oFETs) and photonic components (organic photo cells, LEDs, waveguides) on the basis of organic and inorganic materials. Structuring techniques as, e.g., nanoimprint lithography, 3D-laserlithography and inkjet printing are complemented by a broad range of analytical tools as well as optical simulations for design and device optimization.
MEMS Investor Journal
MEMS Investor Journal, Inc. ( is the only independent publication devoted to providing comprehensive coverage of the latest developments in the rapidly emerging MEMS industry. Our weekly newsletter is specifically designed for MEMS industry professionals and reports on the top MEMS stories from 7000+ sources worldwide. We cover the most critical developments in the MEMS industry to ensure that our subscribers explore and take advantage of the latest investment, commercialization and partnership opportunities. Our newsletter also reports on the most vital newly granted patents in the MEMS industry. Benefits and features include:
Comprehensive MEMS news coverage
7-14 MEMS and microsystems news stories every week
Interviews with MEMS industry leaders
Latest MEMS patents and patent applications
Sample chapters from newly published MEMS books
MEMS classifieds including job posts and equipment
Latest MEMS whitepapers and presentations
MEMS CDs, catalogs and vendor literature
Our publication was founded in 2003, currently has 13,200+ subscribers worldwide and attracts top-level executives and engineers who are active participants in the MEMS industry. In 2009, we've been growing at about 250+ new subscribers per month and are planning a number of new initiatives in 2010 to accelerate our growth even further. To subscribe, please go to
PV-Tech/Photovoltaics Intl. & Fabtech
Semiconductor Fabtech, the reference journal for the leading-edge semiconductor industry, is specifically aimed at influencing the senior personnel responsible for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials specifying and purchasing decisions for production, process development and R&D. The journal has been at the forefront of IC fabrication technology coverage for over 12 years, providing real-world manufacturing editorial that targets IC manufacturing decision makers worldwide.
The RFID Network
The RFID Network shows you how Radio Frequency Identification and wireless RF sensors can improve your business. We provide information, tools, and advice that help you decide what to buy and how to get the most out of RFID. Each month, thousands of people come to to:
  • Read the latest news, product reviews, and in-depth technical articles.
  • Watch videos that demystify and demonstrate RFID
  • Learn from a credible, technical source about the products that solve their business challenges
The RFID Network your source of Information about the RFID and wireless sensor industry.
RFID Switchboard
Planning to implement RFID and related technologies? is dedicated to making your life easier. This free, industry-sponsored portal organizes real world, no-nonsense content in logical, easy-to-follow sections. Learn engineering tips, data strategies, implementation techniques, shortcuts, even step-by-step guidance to solve problems you may face. Get direct answer to your questions from a wide variety of technology providers, using your anonymous Switchboard Inbox to avoid phone calls and emails.
RFID im Blick
"RFID im Blick" is the independent monthly magazine for contactless data transfer, automatic identification and process optimization. The publication focuses on current solutions, new developments and the presentation of news and extensive reports in these areas. The "RFID im Blick" team consists of ten employees and produces 18 issues as well as 2 reference guides per year along with four web portals that are indexed by Google.
VDE Verlag GmbH
VDE VERLAG is considered to be one of the most renowned publishing houses for electrical engineering and information technology. The assortment of publications contains standards, reference books and technical journals.
The constantly completed and updated publication of the VDE-Vorschriftenwerk in paper or electronical version (on DVD or as online subscription) is the main focus of the standards publishing field.
The publishing house offers a wide range of books with about 400 titles available and up to 70 new titles per year.
Next to the traditional electrical engineering journal "etz and the communications engineering journal "ntz the VDE VERLAG has been publishing further known and broadly reaching journals "building & automation" and "openautomation".
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