Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2010
Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2010



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These six optional expert-led masterclasses are interactive consultancy sessions. At each masterclass you will have the chance to handle many samples, and take away printed copies of presentations. They will ensure you get the most from the conference and leave with answers to your questions.
Tuesday 25 May
Morning 9am
Masterclass 1
Introduction to Energy Harvesting for Small Electronic Devices
Masterclass 2
Einführung in Energy Harvesting für elektronische Kleingeräte
Afternoon 2.15pm
Masterclass 3
Wireless Sensor Networks, RTLS and Active RFID
Masterclass 4
Photovoltaics: Technologies, Markets, Progress
Friday 28 May
Morning 9am
Masterclass 5
Introduction to Printed Electronics
Afternoon 2.15pm
Masterclass 6
Energy Storage

Introduction to Energy Harvesting for Small Electronic Devices
Tuesday 25 May - 9am
Peter Harrop - IDTechEx, Chairman
Costis Kompis - SIKTN
Mike Hayes - Tyndall, Program Manager BEM
Energy harvesting is the use of technologies to generate electricity from the environment, which can be used to power electronics and electrics. Different technologies can be employed depending on the energy source. For movement, mechanical harvesters can be used (which can work from electrostatic, piezoelectric and electromagnetic movement), light, thermal, EM transmission or Human. Some versions are now even printed. This masterclass covers all the technologies involved, how they work, and appraisal of their strengths and weaknesses, relative costs and developments paths. The leading developers are given as are market needs and IDTechEx forecasts.
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Einführung in Energy Harvesting für elektronische Kleingeräte *
Tuesday 25 May - 9am
Susann Reuter - IDTechEx, Director
Wolfgang Bihlmayr - EnOcean GmbH
* This class is the same as Masterclass 1 but will be presented in German.

Energy Harvesting bedeutet, unter Nutzung verschiedener Technologien aus der Umgebung Energie zu gewinnen für den Betrieb von elektronischen oder elektrischen Systemen. Abhängig von der Energiequelle können unterschiedliche Technologien verwendet werden. Bei Bewegung können mechanische Wandler genutzt werden z.B. elektrostatische, piezoelektrische und elektromagnetische, Licht, thermische Energie,   elektromagnetische Felder oder menschliche Energie. Einige Varianten sind heutzutage sogar druckbar. Diese Masterclass deckt all diese verschiedenen Techniken ab, erklärt, wie sie funktionieren, welche Vor- und Nachteile sie haben, wie hoch die relativen Kosten sind und aktuelle Entwicklungen. Führende Firmen, sowie auch die Anforderungen des Marktes und die Marktprognosen von IDTechEx werden hier vorgestellt.
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Wireless Sensor Networks, RTLS and Active RFID
Tuesday 25 May - 2.15pm
Raghu Das - IDTechEx, Inc. CEO
Colin Faulkner - Jennic Limited, Business Development Manager
This Masterclass introduces the science and the markets for Active RFID and where they are going over the next ten years.
  • What are the different types of Active tag system, their cost structure and advantages and disadvantages over passive?
  • What is the difference between traditional Active RFID, RFID enabled cellphones, Smart Active Labels/ Battery Assisted Passive tags, Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and Ubiquitous Sensor Networks (USN) and where are they headed?
  • What are leading suppliers and users doing?
  • Who is landing the biggest orders and from whom?
  • What are the lessons of success and failure?
  • Which are the hot countries and applicational sectors for Active RFID?
  • How will the technology advance for very different market needs in different industries?
  • How do these options translate into split of market now and in future?
  • What is the dream for USN - from predicting and controlling disaster recovery to micro-climate in industrial greenhouses - and who is working on which aspect?
  • What are the problems to tackle and which industries are early adopters?
  • What are the forecasts - are hundreds of billions of sensing tags in prospect - for what?
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Photovoltaics: Technologies, Markets, Progress
Tuesday 25 May - 2.15pm
Peter Harrop - IDTechEx, Chairman
This masterclass is designed to give an overall picture of photovoltaic technologies, from basic principles all the way to current advances. The masterclass is structured as follows:
  1. Photovoltaics: Basic principles and operation. Heterojunctions
  2. After an overview of underlying principles, further details will be given on specific technologies:
    • Organic and hybrid organic/inorganic photovoltaics
    • Dye-sensitised solar cells, and
    • Thin film technologies (e.g. amorphous silicon, CdTe, CIGS)
    • III-V/ II-VI multijunctions
  3. Advances/ Cutting Edge Applications
  4. Market Analysis with ten year forecasts
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Introduction to Printed Electronics
Friday 28 May - 9am
Susann Reuter - IDTechEx, Director
This masterclass will assess the challenges, opportunities, technologies and markets of printed electronics. The session will cover:
  1. What is printed electronics
  2. Applications of printed electronics - now and near future
  3. Lessons to be learnt from early successes and failures, the value chain
  4. The need for printed electronics
    • Key markets that need printed electronics - reasons why and their technology requirements
    • Creating new markets versus competing with conventional electronics in existing ones
  5. Assessment of technologies, companies, strategies and progress so far, including
    • Thin film transistor circuits (organic, inorganic semiconductors, thin film silicon)
    • Displays (OLEDs, electrophoretic, electroluminescent, electrochromatic and others)
    • Sensors, batteries, actuators and conductive inks
  6. A discussion of manufacturing techniques, their relevancy and challenges
  7. Challenges and the roadmap to the full printed electronics toolkit
  8. Ten Year forecasts
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Energy Storage
Friday 28 May - 2.15pm
Raghu Das - IDTechEx, CEO
Steve Grady - Cymbet, VP Marketing
Mr Jeff Mullin - Cymbet
Mr Pierre Mars - Cap-XX Ltd
Mr Richard Percival - Infinite Power Solutions Inc
Dr Thomas Dittrich - Tadiran Batteries GmbH
This masterclass assesses the options for energy storage, looking at the range of batteries, their relative strengths, weaknesses, costs and roadmaps. Thin film, flexible batteries to secondary batteries are covered. Battery technology has not kept up with the development of energy harvesters, and the challenges and needs are explained. The masterclass looks at other options such as super and ultra capacitors and super-cabatteries. Details of players are given as is global progress and market forecasts.
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