Dangerous Threats & Trends Facing Executives

Mr Roderick O'Keefe, VP of Sales & Marketing



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Presentation Summary

Companies face a myriad of challenges, including finding ways to lower operational costs while improving visibility of assets. Not only can investigations into accounting of assets attract bad press and hurt credibility with investors and stakeholders, but if you are a public company, Sarbanes Oxley legislation has made CEOs and CFOs personally liable for accurate financial reporting. ASSET MANAGEMENT IS KEY.
These operational difficulties, coupled with increased competitive markets, require prudent, forward-looking companies to use efficient, smarter methods of asset tracking to free up personnel and drive capital growth.
IDENTEC SOLUTIONS INC. is one of the best-kept secrets of Fortune 100 companies who require asset visibility and accountability to gain the "competitive advantage". Learn more about how your company can overcome these dangers and benefit from the advantages of Active RFID and IDENTEC SOLUTION'S experiences.
  • Lowering operational costs and improving visibility of assets
  • Accounting of assets for Sarbanes Oxley
  • Smarter methods for asset tracking
  • One of the best kept secrets of Fortune 100 companies

Speaker Bio

Rod O'Keefe was appointed Vice President of Sales and Marketing in January, 2004. Mr. O'Keefe is a Sales and Marketing professional with strong leadership skills and a track- record of proven results in the wireless and telecom industry. He has more than ten years of broad, in-depth experience in technology, sales, management, corporate restructuring, team building, employee development and succession planning. He has consistently exceeded profitability, productivity and sales objectives.
At his previous employer, Navigate Communications Inc., an international supplier of network infrastructure for Data, Wireless and Telecommunications products and services with revenues of $100 million, Mr. O'Keefe's team was ranked #1 nationally for sales in 2002, 2003.

Company Profile

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS specializes in active long-range RFID systems that improve asset utilization to save millions of dollars in operational costs related to supply chain processes. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' RFID system—Intelligent Long Range (ILR)—can identify, locate and track assets at a distance of 100 meters (300 feet) to deliver superior real-time visibility in dynamic, demanding environments. ILR is used to streamline business operations in a variety of areas including vehicle tracking and container management for Fortune 500 businesses.