Design of an Automotive X Prize Winner: the Swiss Peraves eTracer

Mr Roger Riedener, CEO
Jun 28, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • How to build the "200-mile-machine: combining 200 mile range on one charge with a 250 lbs battery, and a 200 mph top speed and over 200 mpg equivalent from a road-legal two seater high performance vehicle
  • Why two seaters have to be arranged in tandem: 3 times less energy consumption, and at least 3 times less primary resources compared to a much slower Smart, with the same interior and luggage space!
  • Nemesis of the single track vehicle: why we can't save the world with small regular cars!
  • Why a monocoque structure is paramount for small electric vehicles!
  • Why electric vehicles represent a huge chance for small volume manufacturers

Company Profile (Peraves)

Peraves logo
Peraves Ltd. is a small technically driven Swiss company which has exclusively dedicated three decades of persistent work to the development of the world's only fully enclosed high performance cabin motorcycle with DuPont Kevlar® composite monocoque. More than 130 of these machines have been produced and are driven daily by real connaisseurs around the world. The momentary culmination of this somewhat lonesome approach has been the dominant win of the 2010 PROGRESSIVE Automotive X Prize in the USA last fall. The 2.5 million US$ Tandem Two-Seater Class win went to the company's two entered X Tracers, of which the production version called the MonoTracer "e" will be on sale in all EU countries and in the USA as a 2012 model. It is by far the world's most energy-efficient high performance vehicle with a true "200 mile" performance: 200 mile range on a single charge, 200 miles per hour unlimited top speed and 200 miles per gallon (equivalent) on the tough US cycle.
Peraves will be exhibiting the
MonoTracer "e" at this event