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Digital Printing and Material Deposition of Conductive Inks by Inkjet Technlogy

Mr Wilhelm Meyer, Managing Director
Microdrop Technologies GmbH, Germany
This presentation was given at Printed Electronics USA 2005 on Dec 08, 2005.


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Presentation Summary

  • Technology
  • Demands on particle loaded liquids
  • Printing of conductive tracks and other structures
  • New developments - printable isotropic conductive adhesives

Speaker Bio

Wilhelm Meyer was born in 1962. He holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (1987) and a MSC in Physics from the Unversity of Kiel (1994).
Between 1987 and 1989 he worked for Philips Medical Systems, Germany on a research project for medical laser systems at the Medical Laser Laboratory Luebeck.
In 1994 Wilhelm Meyer joined microdrop Gesellschaft für Mikrodosiersysteme mbH. He was responsible for the development of micro dispenser systems. Between 1997 and 2004 he served as the Managing Director of microdrop Gesellschaft für Mikrodosiersysteme mbH.
In 2005 Wilhelm Meyer cofounded microdrop Technologies GmbH and became the CEO.

Company Profile

Microdrop Technologies is the leading provider of equipment, software, inks and services for advanced microdispensing and inkjet printing applications. The technology from microdrop is a versatile tool for liquid handling and material deposition. Our customers are supported by a broad range of services. A team of skilled engineers and technicians guarantees the best solution for your application in Microtechnology, Nanotechnology, Material Science, biochemistry and medicine as well as Plastic Electronics.



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