Electric Bicycles - Past, Present and Future in a Nutshell

Jakub Ditrich, Director
Czech Republic
Jun 28, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Who are they good for? Retirees, Disabled, Lazy people?
  • What does the market offer today and what will we see in very near future?
  • (e)bike more - is it about gasoline price, infrastructure or my decision?
  • More EU regulations versus generous municipal support.

Speaker Biography (Jakub Ditrich)

Jakub Ditrich, born 1973, graduated MFA at Film Academy in Prague, has a wide technology background. Founder and Managing Director of Czech latter largest internet full service internet provider. In 2007 establishing "ekolo.cz", company which is fully dedicated to electric kind of transportation, developing the most popular e-bike brand AGOGS electric bike. Ditrich is vice-president of Czech EV association (ASEP) and long term EV driver.

Company Profile (ekolo.cz)

ekolo.cz logo
ekolo.cz (abbreviation of "e" for electricity and "kolo" - means bicycle in Czech). The company focus is on development and wide promotion of electric bicycles usage, producing full ebike model range of its own brand - AGOGS. Since 2008 the number of electric bicycles sold in the Czech Republic rise from few units to several thousands in 2010 and due the informational campaigns of the company the awareness of the e-transport within the country is significantly higher than in other countries such Poland or Hungary. Ekolo.cz currently employs over 15 professionals and its headquartered is in Prague.
ekolo.cz will be exhibiting some folding electric bicycles which can be ridden