Electrical Mobility: A Reality in Evolution

Prof Pietro Perlo, Senior Director
Research Center Fiat
Dec 07, 2010.


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Presentation Summary

  • The global production of electrical means from less than 100000 units in the 2000 is approaching 70 million units this year. For at least other five years the growth of the electrical mobility industry is likely to confirm the remarkable 40% CAGR registered in 2004-2009 being equalled only by that of Renewable Energies with which it is sharing several technological developments.
  • However electrical mobility is neither clean or energy saving when implemented on the base of old technologies such as lead acid batteries, DC brushed motors and coal based electricity. The current drawbacks associated to the spread of LEVs (bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, tricycles, quad-cycles) when manufactured with old technologies, become evident and unsustainable on larger vehicles (cars).
  • Given that cost and range issues can be properly managed, the transport industry is asked to assure the users that electrical vehicles are safer and healthier than conventional combustion based vehicles. It is now globally acknowledge that modern electrical powertrains will lead to radical primary energy savings, remarkable overall emission reductions, that they are "conceptually simple" and allow an unsurpassable fun-to-drive but at a systems integration level the technology is still at his infancy. With this in mind the presentation addresses the priorities given within the European Technology Platform EPoSS "Smart Systems Integration" in terms of the overall efficiency, safety and health related aspects.

Speaker Biography

Pietro took his Laurea degree in General Physics at the University of Torino in 1980. For 15 years he has been contract professor at the Physics Institute of the University of Torino teaching applied optics. In the mid 90', he originated the first world-wide commercial introduction of diffractive and microoptics into the automotive, motorcycles, general lighting and IR systems for intrusion alarm. As director and senior scientist at Centro Ricerche Fiat, he his currently concentrating his interests on the optimal integration of enabling technologies and systems for zero emission mobility. Pietro is the Chairman of the Working Group Automotive of the EU Technology Platform EPoSS on Smart Systems Integration.

Company Profile (Research Center Fiat)

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Fiat is active in electric vehicles across much of the organisation.
Dr Pietro Perlo is Director, Technology Division, Fiat Central Research in Orbassano Italy. Fiat Central Research is a cutting-edge organization dedicated to vehicle research, from engines to electronic systems, from production to management. Fiat Group owns Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia and Maserati. Fiat has a 20% stake in Chrysler and it can become the majority owner once Chrysler's government loans are repaid. Fiat Group owns CNH Global (which includes Case Construction, Case IH, Flexi-Coil, Kobelco, New Holland, New Holland Construction, and Steyr); and Fiat-Hitachi Construction. CNH is the second largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in the world after Deere & Company. It is also the third largest producer of construction equipment after Caterpillar Inc. and Komatsu.