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Layer to Layer Micro Gravure Applications for Printed Electronics and More

Mr Udo Dittmar, President
Ohio Gravure Technologies Inc
United States
This presentation was given at Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics USA 2011 on Dec 01, 2011.


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Presentation Summary


Speaker Biography (Udo Dittmar)

Udo Dittmar, President of Daetwyler R&D Corporation, has been active in the Gravure Printing business for more than 20 years. His educational background is an Electronic Engineering degree from the University of Osnabrück, Germany and a Software Engineering Degree from the University of Twente, Netherlands. He has held executive business and management development positions within industry leading companies like Siemens, Philips, Kettner and ATG-Systems. Udo joined Daetwyler R&D in 2002 and has been instrumental in the business strategy and product development for Gravure Printed Electronics applications. The µStar™, a factor 10 improved high precision engraver, and the AccuPress®, a 5 micron layer to layer registration press, are some of the new leading PE tools he introduced, driving the Printed Electronics into commercialization.

Company Profile (Ohio Gravure Technologies Inc)

Ohio Gravure Technologies Inc. is leveraging 30 years of gravure industry leadership towards your MicroGravure Printed Electronics applications. We have enhanced our sub-micron machine control expertise to create the MicroStar MicroEngraving and AccuPress MicroPrinting Systems which allow resolutions to 5 µm. MicroGravure has the dual benefit of high resolution and high volume ink transfer. Applications include: thin conductive lines, high density transistors, sensors, photovoltaic's with high volume, batteries and coatings. Patented depth control and diamond cutting of our VISION engrave heads allow smooth cut surfaces and cell depth repeatability within 200 nano meter for optimum ink volume and release. MicroLens embossing is another application for the MicroStar where applications are flexible displays and lenticular lens applications for 3 D imaging. We are an international company based in Dayton Ohio USA with customers and equipment in more than 50 countries. Let us supply your prototype cylinders, precision equipment, or simply discuss your needs.
Ohio Gravure Technologies Inc. is leading the way for high precision gravure printing for Printed Electronics and more.



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