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Low-Cost Batteries, Today - How One Company is Solving the Problem of the High Cost of Battery Solutions

Mr Jonathan Shine, VP Business Development
Evida Power
United Kingdom
This presentation was given at Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air Europe 2011 on Jun 29, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • EVs are unrealistically priced due to the high cost of the batteries
  • Mature, standardised technologies, intelligently designed, produced in volume
  • Low CAPEX and R&D
  • Financing innovation to allow early enjoyment of cost savings

Speaker Biography (Jonathan Shine)

Jonathan Shine - VP of Business Development & Co-founder, has been active in the EV market for over ten years. In 2001, Jonathan founded Drivelectric, a UK-based firm specializing in the deployment of electric
vehicles in the UK and Europe. Jonathan is a recognized thought leader in the EV industry and has presented at numerous automotive and environmental conferences throughout Europe. Jonathan is primarily responsible for EVida's relationships with customers and partners as well as acting as chief evangelist for the proliferation of EVs into the market. Jonathan received a degree in economics and politics from Manchester University and an Advanced Diploma in Sustainability from the University of Cambridge.

Company Profile (Evida Power)

Evida Power is a venture-backed provider of energy solutions for the electric vehicle (EV) market, with a presence in Europe, China, the United States and Israel. Evida supports its mission to enable the proliferation of electric vehicles through the design, development and production of custom battery packs for the EV market. Evida is developing a complete EV fleet transformation solution, coupling battery pack design and production with full EV integration services. Focusing on the commercial fleet sector, Evida will enable fleet operators to seamlessly migrate to electric vehicles using today's technology, thereby enabling clients to enjoy the simultaneous benefits of zero tailpipe emissions and lower operating costs.



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