New Unmanned Underwater Electric Vehicles: Cutting (well, Thinning) the Cord

Jonathan Epstein, President & CEO
Hawkes Remotes
United States
Dec 07, 2010.


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Presentation Summary

  • Introduction and overview of current ROV market and ROV designs
  • The tether constraint
  • The shift to battery power and its implications on ROV design
  • Altering subsea intervention economics
  • Looking forward: ROVs, AUVs, and everything in between

Hawkes Remotes Inc. (HRI) is launching a new class of remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs)

Our proprietary and patent-pending designs combine high-density battery power and fiber-optic control and communications to break through the cost, performance, and operational barriers that have limited the current generation of ROVs.

Speaker Biography (Jonathan Epstein)

Jonathan Epstein is a entrepreneur who has successfully launched and sold multiple companies in the media, gaming, and technology fields. He is
co-founder and CEO of Hawkes Remotes, which is building a new class of remotely operated underwater vehicles which will lower the cost of ocean access. Epstein is a director of Omek Interactive, the leading player in the gesture control space, a director of Mind Control Software, an independent games studio, and is chairman of Hawkes Ocean Sports, an undersea tourism company. Prior gigs included CEO of Double Fusion, digital media and gaming practice lead at United Talent Agency, co-founder of GameSpot, president of GameSpy, and EVP of IGN Entertainment. Epstein holds a degree in physical sciences from Harvard.

Company Profile (Hawkes Remotes)

Hawkes Remotes logo
Founded in 2010 as a spinoff from Hawkes Ocean Technologies, Hawkes Remotes Inc. aims to become the world leader in battery-powered unmanned underwater vehicles. The Company has a deep array of proprietary technologies and a 40-year heritage of innovation in marine engineering from co-founder Graham Hawkes, who has designed and developed more than a dozen manned submersibles, diving suits, and ROVs, as well as manipulators and other tools for ocean access and work. More than 500 systems of his design are in the water today. The Company is based in Point Richmond, CA, and is privately funded.