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Next Generation Electric Vehicles with Off Road Capabilities

Mr Lamberto Salvan, Export Manager
This presentation was given at Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air Europe 2011 on Jun 28, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Electric vehicles and off-road capabilities: 10 years EU market overview
  • Specific case studies and critical points to face
  • New developments: the Alkè XT project
  • Market challenges for this sector

Speaker Biography (Lamberto Salvan)

Lamberto Salvan was born in 1973 in Padova (Italy), he graduated in Industrial Engineering and Management finalizing his studies with 1 year of Business Administration at the School of Economics and Management (Lund University) in Sweden.
Since year 2000 he worked as project manager in the multinational consulting firm Ernest & Young. Later he joined the family company Alkè following the export and after-sales area, a task that allowed him to get closer to all processes of product improvement with priority to new EV solutions. Now he is business partner of Alkè and in charge for export sales.

Company Profile (Alke')

AlkF was established in 1992 in North Italy and from the first years it concentrated its efforts in the study and production of innovative high performance utility vehicles.
AlkF is the only European producer of electric vehicles to have integrated avant-garde technologies on its means approved for circulation on the road, deriving from the sectors of professional forklifts (electronic with controlled programming and new generation motors with separate excitation) and technologies taken from the field of off-road vehicles (transmissions, suspensions and chassis with high resistance and performance).
Up to today, the AlkF vehicles' are marketed in more than 30 countries worldwide with a very strong positioning in the field of vehicles with a zero environmental impact for upper-range.



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