Printed Electronics case studies: the technology in action today

Dr Juha Hartikainen, R&D Director
Panipol, Finland
Dec 07, 2005.


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Presentation Summary


Prsentation Summary

  • Fully Printed Interactive Games and RFID Tags Today
  • Recent advances with Panipol polyaniline materials
  • New inks and coating materials
  • Application examples

Speaker Bio

Dr. Juha Hartikainen joined Panipol to work as the head of R&D in 2004. He obtained his Master's Degree in Polymer Technology and Organic Chemistry from Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) in 1999. After competition his studies, he conducted research in the group of Prof. Olli Ikkala at the Laboratory of Materials Physics, Helsinki University of Technology. Dr. Hartikainen carried out his graduate studies in the field of thermoplastic composite materials, and now holds a PhD from Kaiserslautern University of Technology (Germany). Before employment at Panipol, he worked as a Researcher & Project Manager at the German based company FACT GmbH. Dr. Hartikainen is an author or co-author of several publications in international scientific magazines such as Macromolecules, Chemistry of Materials and Journal of Chemical Physics.

Company Profile

Neste Corporation, nowadays Fortum, began R&D with conductive polymers in 1982. Intensive research continued until 1998, partly in cooperation with California based Uniax. Neste protected the new technology with several international patents and also acquired 1994 the polyaniline technology developed by Uniax. In 1998 Panipol Ltd was established as a spin-off from Neste. All polyaniline technology was transferred to Panipol and Neste remained as a minority shareholder of Panipol.
Panipol Oy manufactures Inherently Conductive Polymer polyaniline and polyaniline based products.
Main products manufactured are:
  • Polyaniline Emeraldine Base (EB) and salt
  • Melt processable polyaniline Panipol CX and dry mixable masterbatch Panipol DX
  • Coatings systems and inks
Panipol CX and DX systems for ESD protection
Panipol melt processable polyaniline products are made both for compounding as well as fro dry mixing ( master batch).
The primary application area for these products is ESD protection with these main features:
  • resistivity is well adjustable within the range between E4-E8 Ohm/sq
  • non-black products can be made
  • well thermoformable sheets
Panipol coating systems and inks: PanStat and PanElec
Panipol makes a wide range of polyaniline based coating materials and inks for coating and printing applications. These applications include standard industrial applications such as ESD protective coatings but also printable inks.
Besides the various base solvents ( including water) multiple dopant options and combinations of binders are available.