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Printed Electronics - HP's Technology beyond Ink on Paper

Dr Thomas J Lindner, R&D manager
Hewlett Packard, United States
This presentation was given at Printed Electronics USA 2005 on Dec 07, 2005.


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Presentation Summary

  • Introduction of HP ' s Thermal Ink Jet Capability
  • Path to Printed Devices and Novel Applications

Speaker Bio

Thomas Lindner holds an advanced degree in physics from the Technical University in Berlin, Germany. After a few years of basic research in surface science he pursued a career in industry with the development and manufacturing of micro-machined sensors for six years. He joined Hewlett-Packard in Corvallis in 1996. For the last five years he has been managing new development projects in the Advanced Materials and Process Laboratory.

Company Profile

HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. HP is a company unlike any other. It's a fact underscored by its reach, its presence and leadership in key regions around the world; and by its uniquely rich technology portfolio. HP is the largest consumer IT company, the world's largest SMB IT company and a leading enterprise IT company. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging and printing. HP, which has corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, California, has 142,000 employees doing business in more than 170 countries.



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