Printed Electronics in Use in the Medical and Security Sectors

Ms Stina Ehrensvärd, Marketing Director
Cypak AB, Sweden
Dec 07, 2005.


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Presentation Summary

  • Combining RFID with microprocessors, clock and sensors to add functionality and value
  • Recent case studies in medical and security industry
  • Low cost printable antennas and new conductive glue for attaching electronics onto paper

Speaker Bio

Stina Ehrensvärd, Marketing Director, Cypak. Educated industrial designer at National College of Art, Craft and Design in Stockholm, with broad experience of developing new creative business ideas. Co-founder of Cypak and inventor and designer of several of Cypaks concepts. Grand Prize winner of European Comission IST Prize 1999 for exellence in IT innovations. Speaker at several international conferences on Cypak technology

Company Profile

Cypak is a Swedish technology innovator making objects smart, secure and connected. Core technologies include the efficient integration of microelectronics and sensors into disposable materials, a new contact-less data transfer technology and security solutions to guarantee authenticity and integrity. Up-to-date technology has enabled the world's first disposable and intelligent pharmaceutical packaging and courier packaging with tamper detection. Cypak's business is to license technology and provide components to simplify and secure the process of collecting, managing and transferring sensitive data.