Real-time Location with Active RFID: Success and ROI in Logistics

Mr David Theriault, Director, Strategic Relations
UbiSense Ltd, United Kingdom


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Ubisense presentation*
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Presentation Summary

Automated process, shrinkage and processing insurance claims in Distribution Centers exact a heavy toll on logistics operators. They are under ever increasing pressure to deliver higher service and efficiency under competitive pressure and narrowing margins. Real-time Location (RTLS) technologies using conventional Active RFID or radio systems have been tantalizingly close for some time to providing significant returns but the technology has fallen short in most warehouse or factory environments. The next generation of Active RFID using newly licensed Ultrawideband radio at above 6GHz has already swept aside these issues as the first sizeable rollouts take place in Europe this autumn. A case study is presented on how the new technology is changing the game in logistics and manufacturing.

Speaker Biography

David Theriault has been active in the Location / Geographic Information industry for almost quarter of a century. He began his career pioneering CAD systems in Holland in the 80's, active in system support, business development, and project implementation. In 1987, relocating to Cambridge, David was part of the team that created Smallworld Systems, a company that grew from 8 to 800 employees and was the leading GIS system for Utilities and Telco's when it was acquired by GE in 2000. David now leads Marketing for Ubisense. His interests include music, astronomy, politics and fast cars.

Company Profile

Ubisense delivers a precise, real-time location system (RTLS) utilizing ultra-wideband (UWB) technology that locates assets and people within 30cm / 12" in 3D. Ubisense technology is powering the creation of a new generation of solutions, providing insight into processes and operations that were previously hidden or too complicated to decipher. Customers spanning logistics, retail, manufacturing, workplace, entertainment, military, healthcare and hazardous environments are incorporating precise, real-time location into their businesses.
Ubisense is the Smart Space company whose sense-driven computing platform increases the value, usability and security of space.
Our sensor product uses ultrawideband (UWB) technology to locate people and objects in real-time to an accuracy of 6 inches (15cm) in 3D.
Our software platform uses sensor data to update a model of the space that changes in real-time, supporting applications that respond to events as they happen. Our development tools make it simple to develop and deploy robust and scalable location-aware applications.
We deliver products to many industries including workplace, healthcare, security, military training and we work with partners to apply the Ubisense platform in many other specialist markets.
Ubisense technology is patented and FCC certified.