Reel to reel production of polymer electronics

Staffan Nordlinder,
Acreo, Sweden
Dec 07, 2005.


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Presentation Summary

  • Smart transistors
  • Logic circuitry
  • Displays
  • Batteries

Speaker Bio

Staffan Nordlinder graduated at Linköping University with a master of science in Applied Physics and electrical engineering in 2002. During 1993-1996 he worked with developing Paper and pulp machines at ABB Power technologies AB. In September 2002 he joined Acreo AB where he serves as project manager, research scientist and manager for the Dry Phase Patterning area. His work at Acreo AB has mainly focused on R2R processes and organic electronics applications.

Company Profile

Acreo AB in Sweden, a company with about 150 employees, provides contract R&D and production resources for new innovative products in microelectronics and optics. The Organic Electronics group at Acreo is focusing on utilizing printing technology for production of electronic functions on flexible, large area substrates by using ink formulations based on electroactive polymers. The previous and ongoing projects are covering a wide field of future applications such as Displays, ID-functions, Indicators, Security functions etc. The activities span from basic research towards development of in-line production processes for R2R low-cost large-scale production.