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Regenerative Dampers: Harvesting Linear Kinetic Energy

Mr Zackary A. Anderson,
Levant Power Corporation
United States
This presentation was given at Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air Europe 2011 on Jun 29, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Energy Harvesting technologies have traditionally focused on harvesting rotary kinetic motion (e.g. regenerative braking), micro-size vibration energy (e.g. piezoelectrics), and waste heat (e.g.thermoelectrics)
  • Currently, few commercial solutions exist for harvesting linear kinetic energy in the tens of watts to tens of kilowatts range
  • Presentation discusses a breakthrough hydraulic energy harvesting mechanism, GenShock, that converts linear motion to electricity
  • Applications include cars, trucks, and military vehicles, construction vehicles and industrial, and marine applications (e.g. power stations for AUVs)
  • In land vehicle applications, GenShock simultaneously improves ride control and handling by adjusting suspension damping dynamically
  • Discusses advances in efficient hydraulics, power electronics, and vehicle dynamics control

Speaker Biography (Zackary A. Anderson)

Zackary Anderson is Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Levant Power Corp. He previously served as CEO of a computer consulting and enterprise solutions business in Los Angeles and has worked at various technology companies including Google and Telemus Raytheon. Mr. Anderson has won awards including Invention of the Year, the U.S. Department of Energy TIAC award, and was nominated as a Technology Pioneer to World Economic Forum, Davos. He holds an SB degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Company Profile (Levant Power Corporation)

Levant Power is the world leader in suspension energy harvesting. The company is developing and commercializing breakthrough suspension energy recovery technology, GenShock«, and has demonstrated simultaneous semi-active ride control and on-board electrical generation. Founded out of MIT by a team of engineers in 2008, the company is growing rapidly and is now working with leading domestic and international manufacturers to tailor GenShock for defense, trucking, transit buses, rail, passenger vehicles, industrial and marine applications. GenShock produces continuous electrical energy to vehicles, improving fuel economy by 1-6% while improving handling and ride comfort.



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