RFID and Near Field Communication - Going Beyond the Internet of Things

Mr Trevor Crotch-Harvey, Sales Director
Innovision Research & Technology, United Kingdom


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  • Driving the adoption of RFID - world's smallest and lowest cost standards compatible reader
  • Challenges in design and implementation
  • Case study - handheld devices - example application
  • New applications and revenue opportunities in healthcare, retail, consumer and transport sectors

Company Summary

Innovision Research & Technology plc is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Design Services Company specialising in the design, development and licensing of low-cost RFID solutions in the consumer, medical, pharmaceutical and transport sectors.
A world-class custom Integrated Circuit (IC) design group maintains Innovision R&T's position at the forefront of RFID innovation, delivering both standards-compliant and customised solutions that add features and functionality to products and offer real competitive advantage.
Innovision R&T has recently applied its design expertise and RFID experience in developing the world's smallest and lowest cost tag and reader solutions. JewelTM and ioTM deliver low-cost standards-compatible RFID functionality to a wide range of cross-sector applications, opening up brand new global markets and opportunities for new product development.

Company Profile (Innovision)

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Innovision Research and Technology delivers innovative and market leading ICs for wireless connectivity solutions. Our primary focus is on short-range data communication from one device to another, passive and/or active, with a special emphasis on Near Field Communications (NFC) and RFID solutions.
As a leading fabless custom RF IC design and systems provider we offer a complete engineering capability to our clients, including research engineering, custom IC design and production, and system design engineering