RTLS and Power Harvesting Ubiquitous Sensing System for Energy Efficiency Applications

Dr Peter Fuhr, Distinguished Scientist
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
United States
Nov 16, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Inexpensive sensors for industrial and commercial building applications
  • Power harvesting of RF signals using directional signal seeking antennas
  • Low resolution sensing with "crowd sourcing" data analysis reduces need for high fidelity (a.k.a. expensive) sensors
  • RTLS-based signal clustering provides statistical basis for measurement trend analysis.
Lead author Dr. Peter Fuhr
Co-authors Teja Kuruganti, Wayne Manges, Timothy McIntyre (ONRL)

Speaker Biography (Peter Fuhr)

Dr. Peter Fuhr has been involved in industrial wireless, sensors, and secure systems for 30+ years as a NASA space optical physicist, university professor, and serial entrepreneur. Dr. Fuhr, Distinguished Scientist, Measurement Science and System Engineering Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory serves as the Co-chair of The Secure Infrastructure Controls Society, is the Director of the Association for Advanced Agricultural Technology, is the co-founder and past Chairman of the Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance, is the co-founder of ISA100 - The Standard for Industrial Wireless and is the co-chair of ISA's Communication Division.

Company Profile (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

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