The Dawn of a New Era in Rechargeable Battery Technology - Why Polymer Lithium Sulfur is no Longer a Theory for Electric Vehicles?

Dr Mark Crittenden, Customer Brand Manager
OXIS Energy
United Kingdom


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  • OXIS's Polymer Lithium Sulphur is the breakthrough technology required for the Worldwide electric vehicle markets
  • OXIS can explain this breakthrough by demonstrating how it has overcome the challenges of Lithium-Sulphur electrochemistry
  • OXIS can demonstrate its technology powering applications safely in the vehicles and the defence sectors

講演者の経歴 (Mark Crittenden)

Dr Mark Crittenden is the Customer Brand Manager at OXIS Energy. He holds a first-class Masters degree and a PhD in Electronic Engineering from the University of Nottingham. He then joined Nanometrics, managing the development of several materials characterisation and metrology tools for the semiconductor industry, from inception through to full production. Before joining OXIS, he also worked at Research Machines, an IT software and hardware manufacturer, in the roles of New Product Introduction Manager and Programme Manager. At OXIS, Mark is responsible for the Customer Programme Management, ensuring the successful integration of OXIS technology into customer products. He is a Member of the IET and a Chartered Engineer.

会社紹介 (OXIS Energy Ltd)

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OXIS Energy Limited aims to be the number 1 provider of next generation rechargeable battery technology using Lithium Metal Sulphur, providing the highest energy among known chemistries.