The Problem with IT? Too Many Wires and No Sense(s)

Mr David Eckert, CEO
Exavera Technologies, United States


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Presentation Summary

  • Consider active RFID as an extension of human sensory abilities
  • Understand how wireless information-delivery systems mobilize these senses
  • Think of business-logic software as a reflection of human decision making
  • Learn how RFID, wireless technology and software unite to untether IT and instill human sense(s)

Speaker Bio

Before his role as CEO of Exavera, Mr. David Eckert was president of Rhodia, a $7B global specialty chemicals company with 25,000 employees, based in Paris, France.
Earlier in his career, Mr. Eckert served in a variety of leadership roles at FMC Corporation, a $4B global chemicals and machinery company headquartered in Chicago
Mr. Eckert holds a MBA from Harvard University with second year honors (1975), and a BSEE with high distinction from Pennsylvania State University (1973).

Company Profile

Exavera combines wireless technologies to build advanced networks that enable the identification, tracking and location of people and assets. By fusing RFID and 802.11 a/b/g WLAN technologies, the Exavera solution offers unprecedented access to information and represents a unique opportunity to optimize work processes.