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The Smart EV Solution - A Charging Revolution

Ms Heidi-Lynn Mitchell, Sustainability Solutions Leader North America
United States
This presentation was given at Future of Electric Vehicles USA 2010 on Dec 08, 2010.


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Presentation Summary

  • The mass acceptance of electric vehicles will require an extensive network of easy-to-use chargers from many vendors. Mass acceptance will also cause localized grid load challenges - why should the driver want to help balance the grid?

Speaker Biography (Heidi-Lynn Mitchell)

Heidi-Lynn Mitchell is the Sustainability Solutions Leader for Logica North America. Logica is an IT Services, Outsourcing and Consultancy company offering a range of services to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase sustainability.
Heidi-Lynn's interests are in sustainability technology and the financial benefits of embedding sustainability. Prior to transferring to North America in January 2010, she was responsible for leading sustainability engagements to the Public Sector, Financial Services and Defence with Logica UK.
Her background in operations and performance improvement management in Europe has led to her pragmatic approach to sustainability. Across a broad range of verticals, she has optimized manufacturing, distribution and service operations, increased production and revenue in primary industries and reduced accident rates.
As well as a BA in Geology from Amherst College (Massachusetts), she holds an MBA from IESE (Barcelona) and is completing an MSc in Corporate Environmental Management (Surrey, England).

Company Profile (Logica)

Logica is a business and technology service company, employing 39,000 people across 41 countries. It provides consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients around the world, including many multi-nationals and Europe's largest businesses. Logica creates value for clients by successfully integrating people, business and technology. It is committed to long term collaboration, applying insight to create innovative answers to clients' business needs. Logica is listed on both the London Stock Exchange and Euronext. More information is available at



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