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Vibrational Energy Harvesting Technologies and Applications for 2012 and Beyond

Mr Robert Andosca, President and CEO
MicroGen Systems LLC
United States
This presentation was given at Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2011 on Nov 16, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Trends in energy harvesting
  • Upcoming applications using energy vibrational energy harvesting

Speaker Biography (Robert Andosca)

Dr. Robert Andosca ( is a Co-founder and the CEO and CTO of MicroGen Systems, Inc. (, located in Ithaca, New York. Through Dr. Andosca's direction MicroGen developed its patented MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) based piezoelectric vibrational energy harvester technology at Cornell University (
Dr. Andosca's professional experience ranges from operational to technical management, business development, and the design and development of MEMS and semiconductor products. Dr. Andosca has held senior level positions at the Clare Corporation, Corning, IntelliSense, Lilliputian Systems, Lockheed Martin, STC MEMS, and Umicore.
Under the direction of co-founder, Dr. Junru Wu, Dr. Andosca completed his Ph.D. in May 2012 from The University of Vermont (UVM) in Materials Science, which is an interdisciplinary program with a focus in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. His theoretical and experimental dissertation research was on MEMS-based piezoelectric vibrational sensors and energy harvesters. In addition, he holds an M.S. in Materials Science from UVM, and B.S. degrees in Mathematics and Physics from USNH, Keene State College. Dr. Andosca has been an invited panelist and speaker to conferences and trade-shows, he holds several patents and many publications have been published.

Company Profile (MicroGen Systems)

MicroGen Systems, Inc. is developing a suite of products based on its proprietary piezoelectric vibrational energy harvester (PZEH) technology. These low cost, long lifetime (>20 years) Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) are micro-power sources that extend rechargeable battery lifetime or will eliminate the need for batteries altogether. Applications include consumer, military, industrial and commercial industries.