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IDTechEx consults, publishes and stages conferences on RFID, smart labels, smart packaging, printed electronics and allied topics and has technical and marketing experts located across the world. It recently published the report “Food and Livestock Traceability” with many unique case studies of RFID, DNA, retinal scan and other procedures in action across the world, forecasts and explanation of technologies. For more on IDTechEx see

Leatherhead Food International

Leatherhead Food International is a global and independent provider of food information, market intelligence and technical and food research services. It delivers consultancy services varying from large scale Government research, through individually tailored client information projects, to nutritional, sensory and consumer studies. It has over 1,000 members internationally. It supports them daily with the whole range of its food expertise, and with its regular training programs. For more on Leatherhead Food International see


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