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Electric Vehicles: Forecasts, Technologies, Players, Opportunities

3 September / Morning

3D Printing: Technologies, Materials, Applications, Opportunities

3 September / Afternoon

Transparent Conductive Films and Conductive Inks

4 September / Morning

Flexible Sensors, Displays and Barrier Films

4 September / Afternoon


3D Printing: Technologies, Materials, Applications, Opportunities

Critical business intelligence covering forecasts, players, case studies, opportunities and technology and market assessment


3D printing covers a range of technologies based on a number of different physical mechanisms and a diverse set of material types. Since key patents have expired over the last few years there has been a raft of new companies, M&A activity and media attention because 3D printing opens up the opportunity for the introduction of cheap complexity into manufacturing.

Structures can be printed which either could not be manufactured via alternative means, or would have been prohibitively expensive to do so. In addition to the cost reduction of printers, there has been strong progress with material development to meet end user needs.

This forum addresses both the business and technologies behind the broad set of 3D printing technologies and materials - providing deep depth including significant market data to allow you to understand this complex landscape. Attendees will leave with a clear, quantified view of the markets, technology assessment and development roadmaps, key player profiles and their strategy for market adoption, with lessons from successes and failures.

The forum is hosted by IDTechEx, a global market research and technology scouting firm focussing on emerging technologies since 1999. Research is based on direct interviews conducted with the main 3D printing and material providers and users of 3D printing. IDTechEx analysts are deeply technical (typically PhD level) and commercially experienced, conducting research from bases in Europe, Asia and USA in six languages.

This event is targeted to those involved in growth strategy, business development, research and engineering, material and process development and innovation management. It is attended by companies involved in material supply, equipment manufacture, systems integrators and technology users. There will be simultaneous Japanese/English translation.

Attendees receive a printed and electronic copy of all the data presented, in addition to 3D printed samples to keep and further samples to study.


Pricing & Registration
Pricing & Registration

Wednesday 3 September / Afternoon


1:00 - 1:30
1:30 - 1:50
Introduction to 3D Printing Technologies and Markets
  • Value Chain and business models
  • Market structure
  • M&A history
1:50 - 2:45
Detailed assessment of 3D Printing Technologies
    For each technology, the following will be covered:
  • Technology process specifications including resolution, speed, material compatibility and output product capabilities/limitations
  • Advantages and disadvantages analysis
  • Key players
  • Equipment cost
  • Market revenue and key player market share by technology type

This will covered for the following types of technologies


1:45 - 2:05
Photopolymerisation-based (SLA)
2:05 - 2:25
Thermoplastic Extrusion/Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
2:25 - 2:45
Powder bed including: Selective laser sintering (SLS), Electron beam melting (EBM), Inkjet.
2:45 - 3:05
Material analysis and trends
  • Material options and appraisal
  • Patent trends
  • Emerging material types for 3D printing - global state-of-the-art
3:05 - 3:30
3:30 - 4:30
Applications Assessment and Ten Year Forecasts 2014-2024
    Requirements, case studies, drivers and ten year forecasts for the following sectors:
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer products
  • Medical/dental
  • Other
4:30 - 4:40
Technology to Application suitability and disruptive potential
  • Which technologies target which applications
  • Market share of technologies by application and future outlook
4:40 - 5:00
Business and market intelligence data, unmet needs and opportunities
  • Ten year forecasts by materials, printers and software/services
  • Company positioning and competitive business intelligence on all key industry players
  • End user needs
5:00 - 5:15
Questions & Answers
Pricing & Registration
Timings and the agenda are subject to change

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These forums are hosted by IDTechEx, who have been studying emerging technologies since 1999, and they are widely cited as a global expert on these topics. Research is based on direct interviews with companies, in addition to informal interviews with approximately 1,000 companies each year. IDTechEx analysts are deeply technical (typically PhD level) and commercially experienced, conducting research from bases in Europe, Asia and USA in six languages Learn more.

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