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28 Dec 2012

Stretchable electronics and electrics for electric vehicles

This article shares some of the research in the newly updated IDTechEx report, "Stretchable Electronics Comes to Market."
United States, Worldwide
17 Dec 2012

Huge Growth of IDTechEx's Printed Electronics USA 2012 event

More than 1500 people attended the world leading Printed Electronics USA 2012 event in Santa Clara, CA earlier this month. The event featured 116 exhibitors, up more than 32% on the previous year.
United States, Worldwide
10 Dec 2012

IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2012 award winners

The annual printed electronics award winners were announced at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics event this week in Santa Clara, California - the World's largest event on the topic.
United States
07 Dec 2012

Highlights From second day at Printed Electronics USA 2012

The second and final day of Printed Electronics USA in Santa Clara really illustrated how far the technologies had progressed and the huge variety of players in the field. The event, organized by IDTechEx, was the best and biggest edition of the series so far. Amongst the attendees were company founders, directors, engineers, academics, but also students and patent attorneys. In particular, there were a large number of end users attending the show.
United States
06 Dec 2012

First impressions from Printed Electronics USA 2012 California

Printed electronics has reached its tipping point as evidenced by the world's largest event on the topic, Printed Electronics USA, now taking place in Santa Clara California, staged by the leading analysts on the subject, IDTechEx.
05 Dec 2012

Are IGZO backplanes the answer for the display industry?

New drivers are opening up new frontiers in the display industry, resulting in technological innovation and the expansion and diversification of the market. This article summaries some of these recent developments and research from IDTechEx's brand new report "Metal Oxide TFT Backplanes for Displays 2013-2018: Analysis, Trends, Markets."
03 Dec 2012

An $18 billion market for electric vehicle inverters in 2023

The market for electric vehicle inverters, including converters, for both hybrid and pure electric vehicles land, water and air, will grow to $18 billion in 2023 as forecasted in the new IDTechEx report Inverters for Electric Vehicles 2013-2023.