Research Articles

31 Jan 2022

Comment la robotique mobile peut-elle influencer l'industrie de la logistique de demain ?

Le secteur de la robotique mobile a connu une croissance rapide ces dernières années, sous l'impulsion des progrès de la technologie robotique, de la navigation autonome et de l'intelligence artificielle (IA), et pourrait atténuer de manière efficace et rentable bon nombre des problèmes de main-d'œuvre qui menacent actuellement le secteur mondial de la logistique.
27 Jan 2022

IDTechEx Investigates the Latest Sleep Technology

The new year has dawned, and with it, new year resolutions. From hitting the gym to learning Japanese, January is a month where people challenge themselves. But what if the most worthwhile challenge is to spend a little longer asleep? A celebration that starts with staying up past midnight is hardly the most conducive to getting enough shut-eye - but that is exactly the resolution worth making.
26 Jan 2022

Join the Free Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar on Agricultural Robotics

Thursday 3 February 2022 - Solutions to Modern Agriculture Issues - Agricultural Robotics Market Gaining Momentum. In this webinar, Yulin Wang will talk through the key enabling technologies used in agricultural robotics, explain why different applications have different levels of development, and analyze how this trend will change and evolve in the upcoming decade.
25 Jan 2022

EV Fires: Less Common But More Problematic?

Fires in electric vehicles (EVs) certainly gain a lot of media attention in comparison to their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. But a crucial question for the future of mobility is whether EVs are actually any more likely to catch fire than an ICE vehicle. There is always a non-zero risk of Lithium-ion batteries entering thermal runaway but the key points are how likely is a fire, how problematic is an EV fire and what is being done to prevent or limit them in the future?
25 Jan 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar: Future of Hydrogels Beyond Medical

Thursday 10 February 2022 - This webinar looks at hydrogels beyond the medical applications that currently dominate the publicity, patents and research. Come away aware that someone will make a new billion-dollar business out of this and greatly benefit society, from smart cities to ample food, water, and electricity with zero emissions and so much more.
24 Jan 2022

IDTechEx Outlines the Future of the Agricultural Robotics Industry

This report is focused on key technologies (e.g., AI, sensors, GPS, imaging systems, etc.) and applications (weeding, harvesting, monitoring, etc.). It analyses recent challenges in the agriculture industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how robotics and technology developments will change the business of agriculture, enabling ultra-precision farming, helping to mitigate the challenges, and maintaining sustainable developments.
20 Jan 2022

Is This the Costliest Oversight in Materials Science This Century?

The materials science industry is highly competitive. There are large changes in various sectors, such as an electric and autonomous future for vehicles, geopolitical & legislative developments, and new players offering innovative materials looking to gain market share. The key to future success will rely on commercializing R&D activity and remaining agile to market needs, two reasons that developing a materials informatics strategy is imperative.
19 Jan 2022

Why is the 3D Printing Market not Consolidating?

"We expect to see the additive manufacturing market consolidating in the near future" has been the refrain of many for nearly a decade now. The thought really strengthened after major acquisition moves by industry titans Stratasys and 3D Systems between 2010-2012. Stratasys would acquire wax 3D printer company Solidscape and merge with material jetting pioneer Objet in 2011-2012, while 3D Systems completed a jaw-dropping 13 acquisitions between 2011-2012. With so many major moves by market leaders in the early 2010s, it seemed like market consolidation was just around the corner.
18 Jan 2022

Électronique dans le moule : Acteurs multiples, stratégies divergentes

Comment communiquons-nous avec nos appareils électroniques ? Il existe de nombreuses options d'"interfaces homme-machine" (IHM), allant des plus classiques (clavier/souris/commutateurs mécaniques) aux développements un peu plus récents tels que les écrans tactiles capacitifs que l'on trouve sur les smartphones. Comme un nombre croissant d'appareils autour de nous acquièrent des fonctionnalités "intelligentes", la capacité d'intégrer des composants IHM de manière élégante et rentable est de plus en plus importante.
18 Jan 2022

Webinar: Technologies Driving 3D Printing Hardware's $10Bn Momentum

Join the free webinar - Thursday 27 January 2022. What are the major printing technologies driving the 3D printing hardware market's growth? What are new emerging technologies to keep an eye on? Is the hardware market at a point of consolidation or expansion?
17 Jan 2022

Five Electric Vehicle Trends Transforming Market Demands for Batteries

Access Your Complimentary Expert-Written Analysis on the Latest Electric Vehicle Trends Transforming Market Demands
14 Jan 2022

Upcoming Webinar on Next Generation Batteries and Beyond Lithium

Thursday 20 January 2022 - What's Happening in Battery Technology? Recent commercial developments to advanced and non-lithium batteries, various next generation batteries and analysis of their relative strengths and weaknesses, and the potential markets for the range of technologies being developed.