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Graphene & 2D Materials

An international conference and tradeshow covering the applications and latest technology developments of Graphene

What to Expect at the Conference

Our audience will develop a comprehensive yet detailed understanding of the state of technology and market per graphene application area. The conference will cover all promising applications of graphene, including graphene composites, supercapacitors and batteries, functional inks, logic and memory, touch screens, sensors and bio-electronics and beyond.

Uniquely, you will hear the full story per market segment. Potential end-users and investors will initially outline the opportunities, requirements, scaling concerns, price points, etc. Academics/experts will then discuss the latest progress and challenges facing graphene per application area.

Companies targeting each graphene application area will then present their technology, target markets, business strategy, progress, etc. Here, we will also include companies developing a suitable manufacturing technique for that application. This will include players commercialising chemical vapour deposition, oxidisation-reduction, liquid-phase exfoliation, plasma, etc. Finally, you will hear views from player(s) from the incumbent and/or rival technology area where appropriate.

The event brings together users, material providers, equipment makers, policymakers, academics and investors from more than 30 countries. It covers more than 30 speakers over the two days.

Going away from this conference, you will know the key players in the graphene space and you will develop a critical assessment of the latest opportunities, developments, and challenges for all potential markets for graphene.

The conference

Consisting of material providers, equipment makers, policymakers, academics and investors from more than 30 countries.



In each of these topics you will hear from:

Touch screens and ITO replacement End users
Energy Storage- Supercapacitors and Batteries Investors
Logic and Memory Academics
Graphene Composites Companies commercialising graphene
Functional Inks Incumbent technology leaders
Sensors and Bio-electronics  

The tradeshow

28 & 29 April: The Graphene & 2D Materials EuropeTradeshow runs alongside the conference tracks.

It is the largest tradeshow on the topic, and is part of the Printed Electronics Europe 2015 tradeshow featuring more than 150 exhibiting companies. The tradeshow will cover equipment providers, material providers, manufacturers and integrators.

More than a conference and a tradeshow

In addition, Masterclasses and Tours to local companies will be held prior and post the conference on different topics. IDTechEx analysts, who have conducted extensive research programs on Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, would be delighted to have free 1 to 1 meetings with you to help you understand the topic and your opportunities.

Feedback from past attendees:

The Graphene event is a must for our company. It's where we meet our clients and evaluate our competitors. It brings together producers, integrators and scientists to discuss the state-of-the-art in graphene production, processing and performance. Decision makers from the largest companies attend and discuss the potential and obstacles on the way to adoption. The calibre of the highly-qualified speakers allow us to identify where graphene currently stands with respect to competing materials such as silver, conductive carbon, nanotubes and other low-dimensional materials.


This event put together several industries interested in graphene applications. The whole value chain was represented. It was a really good opportunity to connect with industries interested in our materials.


Cambridge Graphene Platform exhibited at this event and I am so busy following up leads that I don't have time to say all the positive things I wish to say in this quote! This is by far the best commercial event available.

Cambridge Graphene Platform

Our company, Bluestone Global Tech, is a material start-up company launched a mere 5 months prior to Graphene. As a newcomer, we needed to leverage our lean budget to garner maximized return on investment. In researching our allocation, it quickly became clear that exhibiting at Graphene was a top option. From a planning perspective, the IDTechEx team was fantastic to work with: accessible, responsive and resourceful. With their able and genuinely caring guidance, we utilized a complimentary program of exhibition, speaking, product demonstration and advertising. Employing these efforts led to our firm nearly doubling our investment with sales garnered through the show. Thanks for making the 2012 show a success for us. We will see you next year, IDTechEx!

Bluestone Global Tech

I think it is the most informative conference in the field

Graphene Laboratories