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Smart Packaging

Author: Dr Paul Butler


This report is the first to cover the whole range of needs , applications and technologies for smart packaging whether consumer, postal, military, healthcare or other. Ten year market forecasts are given and lessons of successes and failure. Innovations in packaging technologies and design are transforming brands, enabling new consumer benefits and enriching lives. Smart packaging is enabling massive gains in highly competitive markets. This independent study provides vital information and market intelligence enabling you to learn how these technologies can dramatically enhance your business.


Published April 2003



Active Packaging

Author: Nick Waite


This study looks at the latest developments, products, legislative changes and applications for the fast emerging area of active packaging, which is forecast to achieve annual growth rates in excess of 20%.







Published March 2003



Electronic Smart Packaging
Author: Raghu Das


This report shows how electronic and electric smart packaging enhances the traditional functions of packaging - to protect, inform, and promote - but also achieves much more. Conventional electronic components will be replaced by printable circuits and displays that will be cheap enough to be disposable - great news for the packaging industry.



Published July 2003





Intelligent Packaging
Author: David Collins


This study focuses on the technologies behind intelligent packaging such as RFID, EMID, printed electronics, thermochromic inks and laminates, digital watermarks and chemical and protein based indicators. Each section assesses what products are currently available, plus their costs, and looks ahead to what smart packaging might offer over the next few years.



Published April 2003





Consumer Smart Packaging
Author: Dr Paul Butler


This book focuses on documenting, understanding and describing how unmet consumer needs can be satisfied by smarter consumer packaging, with specific chapters of the food, beverage, household products and health, beauty and personal care market sectors. The common factor is that they are consumer-benefit led, not technology-led.

Many examples are given in this report. Some may seem trivial, such as providing entertainment to a tired shopper, others point to a future where a dramatically improved user interface between the packaging and user will save and enrich lives. All have been included to document where we are, and the opportunities that lie ahead.



Published August 2004

Diagnostic Packaging Author: Sara Ver-Bruggen 


This researched study assesses the latest developments in enabling technologies electronic, chemical, ink-based or hybrid. It reviews the products available, and soon to be available across the gamut of TTI's, oxygen sensors and food-spoilage indicators.  








Published March 2004

Smart Packaging Journal


Smart Packaging Journal is a vital resource for those interested in all aspects of the ever changing world of smart packing including market research, global activities and in-depth industry reports. This journal gives a balanced view of the subject, and to this end we do not accept paid advertising or sponsorship.

This monthly online journal will keep you up-to-date with the latest developments as IDTechEx consultants and guest contributors analyse and report on news, innovations, events and companies concerned with smart packaging and associated technologies.


Low-cost Smart Packaging in Food and Drink
Author: Ashley Gange

This study evaluates the new raft of low-cost enabling technologies, including printing of electronics, profiles new products being launched or developed, and gives you vital updates on hot new applications.



Published December 2004







Low-cost Smart Packaging in Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
Author: William Llewellyns

This study evaluates the new raft of low-cost enabling technologies, including printing of electronics, profiles new products being launched or developed, and gives you vital updates on hot new applications.



Published December 2004







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