Research Articles

20 Jan 2022

Is This the Costliest Oversight in Materials Science This Century?

The materials science industry is highly competitive. There are large changes in various sectors, such as an electric and autonomous future for vehicles, geopolitical & legislative developments, and new players offering innovative materials looking to gain market share. The key to future success will rely on commercializing R&D activity and remaining agile to market needs, two reasons that developing a materials informatics strategy is imperative.
19 Jan 2022

Why is the 3D Printing Market not Consolidating?

"We expect to see the additive manufacturing market consolidating in the near future" has been the refrain of many for nearly a decade now. The thought really strengthened after major acquisition moves by industry titans Stratasys and 3D Systems between 2010-2012. Stratasys would acquire wax 3D printer company Solidscape and merge with material jetting pioneer Objet in 2011-2012, while 3D Systems completed a jaw-dropping 13 acquisitions between 2011-2012. With so many major moves by market leaders in the early 2010s, it seemed like market consolidation was just around the corner.
18 Jan 2022

In-Mold Electronics: Multiple Players, Diverging Strategies

How do we communicate with our electronic devices? There are many different 'human-machine interfaces (HMI)' options, ranging from the well-established (keyboard/mouse/mechanical switches) to somewhat more recent developments such as the capacitive touch screens found on smartphones. As greater numbers of devices around us gain 'smart' functionality, the ability to incorporate HMI components elegantly and cost-effectively is increasingly important.
18 Jan 2022

Webinar: Technologies Driving 3D Printing Hardware's $10Bn Momentum

Join the free webinar - Thursday 27 January 2022. What are the major printing technologies driving the 3D printing hardware market's growth? What are new emerging technologies to keep an eye on? Is the hardware market at a point of consolidation or expansion?
14 Jan 2022

Upcoming Webinar on Next Generation Batteries and Beyond Lithium

Thursday 20 January 2022 - What's Happening in Battery Technology? Recent commercial developments to advanced and non-lithium batteries, various next generation batteries and analysis of their relative strengths and weaknesses, and the potential markets for the range of technologies being developed.
13 Jan 2022

Lo slancio del mercato nella RFID

Quasi due anni dopo l'inizio dell'epidemia di COVID-19, il mondo è ancora nel tunnel. Nonostante l'impatto negativo che la pandemia ha causato, ci sono alcuni lati positivi. Per esempio, accelera la digitalizzazione - le imprese sono spinte ad adottare più rapidamente le tecnologie per migliorare la produzione e l'efficienza della gestione.
12 Jan 2022

Modelli unici adottati dalle start-up di riciclaggio delle batterie Li-ion

IDTechEx ha identificato una varietà di modelli di business adottati dai riciclatori. Alcuni puntano a ottimizzare i percorsi di trasporto e raccolta, tramite soluzioni Spoke and Hub o mobili, mentre altri cercano di concedere in licenza le loro tecnologie o di vendere prodotti di riciclaggio.
11 Jan 2022

Six Future Mobility Trends from IDTechEx Research

The mobility sector continues to see a rapid pace of change, enabled by technological leaps in the underlying componentry and materials, but there is still a long way to go. In this article Luke Gear, Principal Analyst at IDTechEx, explores six key future mobility trends, drawing from IDTechEx Subscription research.
11 Jan 2022

Realizing the Potential of Printed Piezoelectric Sensors

Commercial interest in silicon anodes and investments into start-up companies has continued through 2021 - IDTechEx estimates that $1.9B of funding has now made its way into silicon anode start-ups. Beyond investments, there has also been greater activity regarding companies beginning to license technologies, enter into supply relationships or commercialize technologies in early adopter markets, highlighting that the promise of silicon anode technology may soon be realized.
06 Jan 2022

Tesla che abbandona il radar è stato un errore, ecco perché

L'ultimo rapporto IDTechEx, "Automotive Radar 2022-2042", mostra tutte le innovazioni tecnologiche che stanno spingendo le prestazioni del radar in un nuovo territorio inesplorato. Dati tutti i vantaggi che il radar può offrire, perché allora Tesla dovrebbe allontanarsi e concentrarsi su una suite di sensori solo per le telecamere?
06 Jan 2022

Join the Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar on New Self-healing Materials

Thursday 13 January 2022 - New Self-healing Materials Save Lives, Money, and the Planet. The webinar explains how this is a world of many materials including a lot of silicon polymers such as geopolymers and silicones. It involves many ionomers, hydrogels, polyurethanes, ionomers, epoxies and Diels-Alder polymers but much more besides.
05 Jan 2022

La concorrenza nel mercato degli anodi di silicio è destinata a intensificarsi

L'interesse commerciale per gli anodi di silicio e gli investimenti in aziende start-up è continuato fino al 2021 - IDTechEx stima che 1,9 miliardi di dollari di finanziamenti si sono fatti strada nelle start-up di anodi di silicio. Oltre agli investimenti, c'è stata anche una maggiore attività per quanto riguarda le aziende che iniziano a concedere in licenza le tecnologie, entrare in rapporti di fornitura o commercializzare le tecnologie nei mercati early adopter, evidenziando che la promessa della tecnologia degli anodi di silicio potrebbe presto essere realizzata.