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21 Nov 2022


Nano3Dprint is an early-stage company producing 3D printing equipment targeted at printed electronics. IDTechEx caught up with Marketing Manager Gretta Perlmutter.
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16 Nov 2022

Webinar With Q&A - Printed/Flexible Electronics: What to Watch in 2023

Tuesday 29 November 2022 - This webinar includes case studies showing successful commercialization examples from 2022 across multiple market sectors; Discussion of anticipated announcements in 2023; Brief assessment of the status and potential of printed/flexible electronics; and Identification and assessment of technological gaps likely to be an R&D focus in 2023
14 Nov 2022


Voltera produces PCB desktop prototyping equipment that utilizes direct write additive manufacturing. In 2022 it launched its NOVA platform, which enables benchtop R&D for printed/flexible electronics. IDTechEx caught up with Matt Ewertowski, Material Science Lead, to find out more about this new product.
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4 Nov 2022

Emerging Micro-Scale Additive Fabrication Methods and Applications

This presentation was given at the MicroFab Summit 2022 by IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst Dr Matthew Dyson.
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24 Oct 2022

Australian 3D Printed Eco Holiday Park Planned

The vision for the park is to incorporate 50-100 spacious, luxury 3D printed eco-cabins, large caravan areas with 3D printed ensuites, small water park, 3D printed children's playground, kitchen and amenities, facilities and sprawling landscaped areas. The cabins are designed to complement the landscape.
21 Oct 2022

The Attempt to Achieve Standardization within the Graphene Industry

The true description of graphene is that of a single atomic layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal array. However, the nanocarbon material landscape is much more complicated than this simple statement, with single-layer, few-layer, multi-layer, graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) and both graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) all to be considered as types of graphene.
21 Oct 2022

Join the Upcoming Webinar on Polymer Additive Manufacturing

Thursday 27 October 2022 - This webinar will identify technical and material trends within the polymer 3D printing market; highlight key developments influencing polymer AM's rise, including discussion on relevant players and news; and present IDTechEx's outlook on the polymer AM market
21 Oct 2022

Titomic USA Enters Renewable Energy Sector

Titomic Limited has made its first sale in both the renewable energy sector and North America, through its Titomic USA division, from a purchase order of a Titomic D523 low-pressure cold spray system.
20 Oct 2022

IDTechEx Discuss Additive Manufacturing: So Much More Than the Printer

With so much focus being put on 3D printers, it can be easy to lose sight of the many other important sectors that make 3D printing, especially industrial additive manufacturing, possible. It takes an entire ecosystem, including materials, software, post-processing, quality assurance, services, specialized training, and more, for 3D printing to be utilized in high-value industries and applications
19 Oct 2022

3D Printed, Edible QR Codes

Researchers from Japan have developed a way to include an unobtrusive edible tag embedded inside food—in their original experiments, cookies—that can be read without having to first destroy the food. Another major advantage of their method, known as "interiqr," is that the tag doesn't change the outer appearance or taste of the food at all.
18 Oct 2022

3D Printing Plant Cells Shows Promise

A new study shows a reproducible way of studying cellular communication among varied types of plant cells by "bioprinting" these cells via a 3D printer. Learning more about how plant cells communicate with each other - and with their environment - is key to understanding more about plant cell functions and could ultimately lead to creating better crop varieties and optimal growing environments.
17 Oct 2022

Polymer 3D Printing Market Moves Beyond Prototyping to Hit US$21.1B

IDTechEx finds that demand for polymer materials by mass far exceeds that of metal materials for 3D printing. IDTechEx finds that polymer 3D printing is moving beyond prototyping to high-value adoption by end-users, which will propel its growth to US$21.1 billion in 2033.
14 Oct 2022

Scientist Develop Printable, Wearable Insect Repellent

A new type of insect-repellent delivery device has been developed by scientists. With the help of a 3D printer, the active ingredient is first "encapsulated" and formed into the desired shape, such as a ring, which can then be worn and releases an agent designed to repel mosquitoes for a long time.
11 Oct 2022

Newly Developed Smart Polymers Have Life-Like Properties

Although just cute little creatures at first glance, the microscopic geckos and octopuses fabricated by 3D laser printing could open up new opportunities in fields such as microrobotics or biomedicine. The printed microstructures are made from novel materials - known as smart polymers - whose size and mechanical properties can be tuned on demand and with high precision.
10 Oct 2022

Amnovis Selects 3D Systems' Dual Laser Direct Metal Printing Solution

3D Systems announced that Amnovis has incorporated 3D Systems' DMP Flex 350 Dual into its contract manufacturing workflow. This next-generation technology includes two lasers, which enables Amnovis to produce high-quality, highly reliable end-use parts for a variety of industrial and medical device applications.
10 Oct 2022

Holcim Invests in 3D Construction Printing Technology Company COBOD

Holcim announces its investment in COBOD International to advance world-class 3D printing materials, robotics, and automation.
6 Oct 2022

Nanoprinting Electrodes for Customized Treatments of Disease

Researchers have pioneered the CMU Array—a new type of microelectrode array for brain computer interface platforms. It holds the potential to transform how doctors are able to treat neurological disorders.
6 Oct 2022


In August 2022, Stratasys announced its acquisition of Covestro's Additive Manufacturing materials business, which also included DSM's former AM business unit.
6 Oct 2022

Polymer Additive Manufacturing 2023-2033: Technology and Market Outlook

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
5 Oct 2022

Is Graphene Green?

Is Graphene Green? This question comes up an increasing amount. Green drivers and ESG investments are an obvious focus across the supply chain, but where does graphene fit into this discussion? IDTechEx explore the answer in this article.