Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics

Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics

Printed Electronics, being thin film silicon or inorganic or organic semiconductors, can be used to form Thin Film Transistor Circuits (TFTCs), such as replacing the functionality of simple silicon chips. TFTCs also employ thin film conductors and dielectrics and the ultimate objective is to make many different components at the same time - such as displays, batteries, sensors, microphones etc using the same materials or at least the same deposition techniques thus saving cost and improving reliability. Some TFTCs will be capable of covering large areas to affordably form electronic billboards, smart shelves and so on. They will be lightweight, rugged and mechanically flexible. Often they will be made by rapid, high-volume reel-to-reel processing even forming a part of regular printing processes for graphics. These circuits will be cheap enough to permit electronics where envisaged silicon chips are always or almost always too expensive, where multiple components and needed, and where silicon is impracticle (e.g. not flexible, brittle, thick etc).
Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics
22 Jan 2021

Ynvisible Interactive Accelerating 2023 Growth Vision

Ynvisible Interactive Inc  is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Michael Robinson as its new Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Jani-Mikael Kuusisto is appointed as Senior Vice President Ventures and continues as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.  
22 Jan 2021

aNIR-Battery Electrode Processing - Game Changer in Battery Production

Adphos Thermal Processing GmbH has developed a new drying solution for anode and cathode water based and solvent based coatings.
21 Jan 2021

Cuddle Vest with Printed Electronics can Give Hugs from a Distance

A year onwards, COVID-19 is still among us, and hitting us hard. As a result of this current pandemic, people are expected to keep a safe distance from each other. No more hugs from friends and family, no more slaps on the shoulder from colleagues. But when people are not allowed to get close physically, feelings of loneliness and insecurity can arise.
20 Jan 2021

Smart Mattress Cover for Real Time Patient Monitoring

The smart mattress-cover demonstrator features an array of several hundred flexible printed pressure sensors from InnovationLab integrated with health-monitoring software from Bitquadrat, which leverages machine learning /artificial intelligence and real-time data processing.
19 Jan 2021

The First Full Colour Electro Wetting Display Panel is a Fact

The first production ready Electro Wetting Display consumes only 3 watts and uses solar energy - an endless source of power! Mobile displays do not need to be replaced when the batteries are empty, and connection to the grid becomes a thing of the past.
18 Jan 2021

Perovskite Solar Cells Turn Up the Heat

Researchers believe they may have found a sustainable way to improve both the efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells, and the secret ingredient is a sprinkle of capsaicin, the same spicy compound that gives chili peppers their signature kick.
18 Jan 2021

Optomec Introduces New 3D Additive Electronics Printer

Optomec is announcing a breakthrough advanced electronics packaging solution to meet the perpetual demand for miniaturization of mobile and wearable products.
15 Jan 2021

Smart Water Networks Able to Detect a Looming Crisis

It is possible with technology to better predict how people use water and monitor its quality. Data brings understanding, and understanding brings better management of a system.
13 Jan 2021

Innovation Award for RFID Temperature Scanning System

The wirelessly-powered RFID Temperature Scanning System enables businesses to easily and safely monitor employees' temperatures in support of COVID-19 monitoring protocols.
13 Jan 2021

ARMOR Solar Power Films Introduces True Gray Solar Film

ARMOR solar power films and Nano-C, Inc have expanded the color options for all types of product offerings including BIPV, achieving a true gray color sought after by architects and design professionals.
13 Jan 2021

Two Sided Solar Cells to Collect Scattered Light

To increase the performance of solar panels, a team of researchers has created a bifacial, or two-sided, tandem solar cell, built by bringing together the best of the perovskite and silicon technologies.
12 Jan 2021

Join the Upcoming Webinar - The Beginning of a New Era for Haptics

Tuesday 26 January 2021 - Competitive landscape amongst leading actuator manufacturers; comparison of various emerging technology options and their commercial potential; broader themes in haptic feedback and go-to-market approaches and a review from recent industry events (including CES 2021)
12 Jan 2021

3D Printed Smart Gel Changes Shape When Exposed to Light

Inspired by the color-changing skin of cuttlefish, octopuses and squids, engineers have created a 3D printed smart gel that changes shape when exposed to light, becomes "artificial muscle" and may lead to new military camouflage, soft robotics and flexible displays.
12 Jan 2021

Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical is a sub-division of DIC Corporation, a Japanese chemical company. They are the world's largest producer of printing inks and pigments. In this profile we review their portfolio of materials for printed electronics applications.
Included are:
11 Jan 2021


Dycotech, a supplier of materials for printed/flexible electronics, announces expansion via a new R&D/manufacturing facility due to rapid growth in demand.
11 Jan 2021

Rohinni Doubles Mini LED Placement Speed with 100 Hz Placement Tech

Rohinni,a leading developer of enabling technology for design and production of mini LED- and micro LED-based products, today announced that it has achieved the fastest proven mini LED placement speed at 100 Hz with its new bondhead.
11 Jan 2021


XTPL offer equipment capable of very high resolution printing (~1 um) of high viscosity conductive inks. This update is based on a webinar and associated Q&A with XTPL, delivered by founder and CEO Filip Granek in December 2020.
Included are:
11 Jan 2021

Breakthrough Manufacturing Process for Sensor for Smart Contact Lenses

Researchers report on how they have developed a breakthrough sensor system and manufacturing process. The global team of engineers reveal that the new contact lens sensor system contains a photodetector for receiving optical information, a temperature sensor for diagnosing potential corneal disease and a glucose sensor for directly monitoring the glucose levels in tear fluid.
11 Jan 2021

Setting Standards for New Materials

Silicon was first discovered in 1787, but it wasn't until the 1950s that it became widely used in industry. In contrast, the Graphene Flagship has been working to bring graphene to the market in just ten years. Determining accepted technical standards for graphene will play a large part in meeting that deadline.
8 Jan 2021

Abu Dhabi Rolls Out 175 E-Paper Bus Stop Displays

Department of Transport Abu Dhabi (DoT) has rolled out 175 e-paper bus stop displays across key locations and city landmarks.