Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a term used to describe any identification device that can be sensed at a distance with few problems of obstruction or mis-orientation. The devices are often refered to as 'RFID tags' or 'Smart Labels'.
18 Sep 2020

Smart Packaging 2020- 2030

Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, presented this keynote presentation at the AIPIA 2020 smart packaging conference in September 2020
Included are:
15 Sep 2020

Sub-6 GHz & mmWave 5G: Opportunities for Thermal Management Materials

Join the webinar 23rd September - Introduction to changes in telecommunications infrastructure; choice of semiconductor technology for sub-6 GHz and mmWave 5G; case studies of sub-6 GHz and mmWave antenna and more.
14 Sep 2020

3D Printed Electronics for Agile, On-demand Manufacturing

3D printed electronics, here explored in detail, is an emerging technology that enables a new manufacturing paradigm.
11 Sep 2020

Join the Webinar on Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Flexible Hybrid Electronics: Conforming to the Market - Overview of latest market forecast and key trends; technology benchmarking and new entrant analysis; and analysis of technological transitions and associated innovation opportunities.
10 Sep 2020

Sensors in the Water Industry: The Next Step to IoT Cities

Sensors in the water and wastewater treatment industries are an emerging technology market area, forecast to grow to $2Bn+ in 2030. IDTechEx has analyzed this market in its new report "Sensors in the Water and Wastewater treatment industries 2020-2030".
3 Sep 2020

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Technology and Market Overview

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technologies have been in use for over 40 years as a theft management and deterrent system by retailers. IDTechEx covers the technologies, their success, key players and future outlook.
Included are:
3 Sep 2020

Innovative Companies Changing the Face of Vertical Farming

Vertical farming, the practice of growing crops indoors under tightly controlled conditions, is continuing to expand rapidly.
26 Aug 2020

Future Opportunities for Thin-Film, Flexible and Printed Batteries

The battery industry has experienced enormous innovation and investment with the demand mainly from electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The 1,500 GWh market demand in 2030 indicates huge potential for batteries.
17 Aug 2020

Predicting a Crisis Before It Happens: Sensors in the Water Network

With an increase in temperature, there is an increase in demand for tap water. One area which is affected is the South West Water network, with water shortages across Sussex and up to 300 households left without tap water for five days. But could this have been averted? Yes - it could.
16 Aug 2020

Sensors Post COVID, Electrification, Bionics, Technology Breakthroughs

The new IDTechEx report, "Sensors 2021-2041" uniquely analyses the whole subject in the light of such seismic changes as the COVID-19 virus. The sensor business is in turmoil. The industries that spend most on sensors are changing as are the sensors.
12 Aug 2020

Fujian Yuchen Microelectronics Co.

Fujian Yuchen Microelectronics Co. develop and produce RFID tags in China, using equipment from Muehlbauer. They are also developing functional RFID sensors.
Included are:
12 Aug 2020

3D Electronics 2020-2030: Technologies, Forecasts, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Matthew Dyson, Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh and Dr Richard Collins
20 Jul 2020

Sensors With Electrical Output: Technology, Materials, Uses & Forecast

Join IDTechEx Chairman, Dr Peter Harrop in this 8-minute presentation on Sensors, discussing patents, the effect of COVID19, sensor market drivers in construction, agriculture, mining, military, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical, automotive & rail.
Included are:
20 Jul 2020

Join the IDTechEx Webinar on Printed Sensors - 6 August

A detailed look at the technologies underpinning printed image and piezoresistive sensors; An assessment of the technological readiness level of competing technologies; Discussion of existing and emerging applications; and Identification of technological challenges and innovation opportunities
16 Jul 2020

Join the IDTechEx Webinar 30 July - Smart Textiles: Market Trends

​A detailed list of over 60 different application areas which e-textile products have been developed for; Market data around current market size by product type and market sector; Overview of project/product maturity by application area; and Discussion of the best strategies and market forecasts for the sector into the next decade.
7 Jul 2020

Join the IDTechEx webinar 9th July - Where Are Opportunities in 5G

This webinar will help to clarify the real market opportunities for 5G from different perspectives, including: User equipment adoption, 5G station deployment, Active antennas, New trend in RF components, Materials challenges,and Emerging use cases
2 Jul 2020

Flexible, Printed and Thin Film Batteries 2020-2030: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
30 Jun 2020

Sensors: The Whole Picture - 5c Analysis by parameters measured: S-Z

Sensors: The Whole Picture Part 5c: Analysis by parameters measured: S-Z
Included are:
23 Jun 2020

Sensors: The Whole Picture Part 4 - mode of operation M-Z

Semiconductor sensors, also known as metal-oxide-semiconductor sensors (MOS sensors), detect gases by a chemical reaction that takes place when the gas comes in direct contact with the sensor.
Included are:
23 Jun 2020

Sensors: The Whole Picture Part 3 - mode of operation A - L

A biosensor is an analytical device which converts a biological response into an electrical signal.
Included are: