Energy Storage

Energy Storage
3 Dec 2021

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Thursday 9 December 2021 - Assessment of the key mergers and acquisitions; Important funding rounds across; Notable partnerships; Establishment and expansion of production facilities; Role in key application areas including electronic devices, energy storage and 3D printing; Progression in various fields of green technology
2 Dec 2021

Stay Ahead of the Curve with an IDTechEx Future Mobility Subscription

IDTechEx, a leading provider of market intelligence on technology innovation, offer clients a subscription option focused on Future Mobility as part of their market intelligence subscription services, including over 10,000 original analyst-created slides, more than 100 forecast lines across 50+ mobility markets, over 200 company based profiles based on primary research, and much more.
1 Dec 2021

Nissan to Invest Nearly $18 Billion on Electric Vehicles, Batteries

Nissan Motor Co Ltd has unveiled Nissan Ambition 2030, the company's new long-term vision for empowering mobility and beyond. Nissan aims to become a truly sustainable company, and over the next ten years will deliver electrified vehicles and technological innovations while expanding its operations globally
30 Nov 2021

The Most Significant Advanced Materials News from 2021

With the pandemic still raging, supply chain disruptions, the chip shortage, climate catastrophes, and geopolitical turbulence, it is safe to say 2021 has not been smooth sailing. The materials and chemical sector provides the backbone of every industry and remains under pressure from all these challenges. In this article, IDTechEx highlights the key news from their independent perspective on this crucial industry.
29 Nov 2021

Why Are OEMs Investing in Li-ion Battery Recycling?

In the past, the lack of end-of-life batteries meant that the Li-ion (lithium-ion) recycling market had little opportunity to prosper but the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is changing this.
29 Nov 2021

Big Batteries on Wheels Can Deliver Zero-Emissions Rail, Secure Grid

Trains have been on the sidelines of electrification efforts for a long time in theUS because they account for only 2% of transportation sector emissions, but diesel freight trains emit 35 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually and produce air pollution that leads to $6.5 billion in health costs, resulting in an estimated 1,000 premature deaths each year.
29 Nov 2021

IDTechEx Future Mobility Research: End of Year Roundup Webinar

Wednesday 1 December 2021 - A market update on electric vehicles; Technology trends to watch out for in electric vehicle powertrains (electric motors, power electronics, cell-to-pack); The levelling up of autonomous vehicles; Opportunities for fuel cell electric vehicles.
26 Nov 2021

FREYR Joins Fair Cobalt Alliance

FREYR Battery has become a member of the Fair Cobalt Alliance to underscore FREYR's commitment to developing a sustainable global battery industry.
25 Nov 2021

NEO Battery Materials

NEO Battery Materials are a Canadian resource company looking to develop a quartz-silica mine in Canada, BC in addition to developing silicon anode technology for Li-ion batteries.
25 Nov 2021

Eos Energy Enterprises

Eos Energy are a US company who are commercialising their static zinc-halide batteries.
Included are:
25 Nov 2021

Zinc 8 Energy

Zinc 8 Energy are a Canadian developer of Zn-air energy storage systems.
24 Nov 2021

Pure Battery Technologies

Pure Battery Technology is an Australian cathode precursor producer that acquired K&E Germany in 2020.
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24 Nov 2021

Lithion Recycling

Lithion is a Canadian Li-ion battery recycler that currently operate on pilot scale and are planning to open a commercial-scale facility in 2022.
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24 Nov 2021

Glasgow to be Home to First-of-a-Kind Hydrogen Storage Project

A trailblazing hydrogen storage project near Glasgow has been backed by nearly £10 million in UK government funding. The cash boost will see the Whitelee green hydrogen project develop the UK's largest electrolyser, a system which converts water into hydrogen gas as a way to store energy. It will be located alongside ScottishPower's Whitelee Windfarm, the largest of its kind in the UK, and will produce and store hydrogen to supply local transport providers with zero-carbon fuel.
23 Nov 2021

Silicon anode patent landscape

With the development of Li-ion chemistries based on silicon anodes gaining pace, it is important to understand the underlying technological issues being solved and advancements being made. However, companies can be secretive regarding their solutions and regarding performance. The following premium article will present the key patent assignees and technological developments occurring in silicon anodes by looking at the patents being filed in this area.
Included are:
23 Nov 2021

Energy Storage in 2021: Challenges and Opportunities

Energy storage technologies are undergoing a challenging transformation, vital in an emerging climate that increasingly necessitates renewable energies and recyclable hardware. Covering a wide portfolio of energy storage technologies, their history, and their outlook for the future, IDTechEx looks at how the energy storage sector has fared over the past year, and where it is headed for the next.
22 Nov 2021

Lyten Inc

Lyten Inc are a graphene material and Li-S battery company who exited stealth mode in September 2021. IDTechEx spoke with George Liddle, Director, Analysis and Karel Vanheusden, VP Product Development.
Included are:
19 Nov 2021

Novel Ion Exchange Membrane for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

The vanadium redox flow battery is a promising sustainable energy storage system. In a vanadium redox flow battery cell, an ion exchange membrane is used to prevent formation of a cathode/anode short circuit and avoid electrolyte crossover and side reactions, while allowing proton conduction to keep the cell electrically neutral.
18 Nov 2021

EV Charging Infrastructure the Key to Powering Future Mobility

Despite the roaring success of EVs, adequate charging infrastructure is lagging behind. It is a classic chicken-versus-egg scenario: do public charging stations help drive EV adoption, or does greater EV adoption demand a more comprehensive public charging infrastructure?
18 Nov 2021

COP26: Small Steps Forward for Green Technologies, Finds IDTechEx

Climate change is one of humanity's most pressing challenges. In an effort to accelerate global action in limiting temperature rises, international lawmakers, business leaders, scientists, and activists convened in Glasgow (U.K.) for the past two weeks in the UN's Climate Change Conference (COP26). In this article, IDTechEx examines three crucial technologies in the fight against climate change that saw advancements (or not) during this COP's proceedings.