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Case studies 4843
Companies covered 4916
Company slideshows & audio 770
Countries covered 124
Last updated August 18, 2015

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Company profiles and contact details are now available, in addition to hundreds of company presentations given at IDTechEx conferences which are related to a case study, some even include the audio from the speaker!

NEW! The RFID Knowledgebase now includes RFID forecasts from 2011 to 2016 taken from the IDTechEx research report RFID Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2011-2021, which analyses the industry in many different ways.

All of this is included in the subscription price.

Growth of the total number of Case Studies:

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Airlines and Airports
Airlines and Airports 166 case studies in section.
Animals and Farming
Animals and Farming 203 case studies in section.
Books, Libraries, Archiving
Books, Libraries, Archiving 158 case studies in section.
Financial, Security, Safety
Financial, Security, Safety 946 case studies in section.
Healthcare 518 case studies in section.
Land and Sea Logistics, Postal
Land and Sea Logistics, Postal 659 case studies in section.
Laundry 41 case studies in section.
Leisure, Sports
Leisure, Sports 559 case studies in section.
Manufacturing 264 case studies in section.
Military 111 case studies in section.
Oil Gas Extraction, Mining, Research, Other
Oil Gas Extraction, Mining, Research, Other 116 case studies in section.
Passenger Transport, Automotive
Passenger Transport, Automotive 624 case studies in section.
Retail, Consumer Goods
Retail, Consumer Goods 663 case studies in section.